Just Too Much Like

Isn't it a little much
like Heaven?
when the little child says what
you should know

Isn't it just a wee small bit
like Hell
when so soon her face has lost her
innocence glow

Everything that brings us
all together
and all those bits that
set us off apart

Enchanting mesmerizing
forevers trapped in trusted
cagey hearts

Oh, sometimes I could fall
away down under
at others I would rise
above it all

And sometimes I may feel
that I am smothered
still others I just lie there
feeling swell

Filled up and almost for
to bursting
Or emptied like an old
discarded shell

Just always can I see the door
to Heaven
Just as often as I sense the
depths of Hell

carpe every diem
sure as love and hatred
no one else
can reap or sew
them for us
but ourselves


  1. I got some carpe diem on the rug once. It left a nasty stain. ;o)

  2. ewwww! It's better in stews anyway. Or covered in CHOCOLATE! Well, like anything else, I s'pose.


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