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² off and B

So I'm a softy  I am a lonely  lovely man alone  = not really me   who loves his cat      mamba? and loves his job      desperately doesn;t understand  ( at least the people  some people make it  all worth the while )  All is bits and pieces        Lost until needed           junk dna and useful in  these right hands  THE right hands Swarms of vibrating  energies of life               scratch that  and simple forms           keep  and single tangents  realized  This is but the charm  There is but little  in the way of decay  but a figment                 ( wasteful and wanton )      pretty of spaces filled  of seasons spun                like dreams? Accomplishments  Equivalents  Sensational pyrotechnical sounds  The loss of E still occurs  and C² cannot contain  itself       QED  It flies apart  #micropoetry       mb 10/20/2020 notes and parentheses  rationalized.  one hopes.

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