Preface I wrote this back on Oct 23, 2008 and it had a gorgeous picture of the scene from the Valley View Bridge which I'd taken from my car the day before.  I'm not sure why I never actually posted it. I didn't lose the pic until a few years ago now. 

EARregardless, here it is because it's been in my Drafts folder ever since.  

I'd also like to get back to writing like this again. Maybe this'll be a kickstarter... 

It's really like that today.  Sky grey and big. There's a coolish breeze and,  on my walk to the car, I sense then see the bugs that've survived the sunrise bird feedings and are buzzin' around in the first sunny spots in the yard.

Even the garage was still warm from the Sun the day before.

I drive over that bridge 5 days a week. 43 miles, one way from U Heights to Westlake.  Not an ideal situation for gas consciousness, but it sure is pretty, and I live where I live, for now.  I'll miss the Valley View when I move, and the East side haunts like Coventry and the Cedar-Lee, too. But I can't wait to save $ and plain ol' wear an' tear on my year old Spectra.

My internet connection from home was kaput for a couple days just passed. It was interesting timing since I'd already felt some blog-slack needed lettin' out.  I feel like I'm in a patch of good looking shallows, but there has got to be some unseen obstruction that keeps snaggin' my line and, of course, takin' my bait.  I know that a governor on my bandwidth at work is the right thing.  I just hate gettin' stymied when I find something I really want to post. This email to Silly Humans (stay w/ me here! lol) is an attempt to post on some crazy, and not-so-crazy, thoughts I've been l having recently.

And now I find I just wanna go fishing. Rebait the hook, and cast off again in a slightly different part of the park.

This is the park I held all others up to for a long time.

It's a nice daydream, anyhow.

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