Turning It On Again

Happy New Year all!

I like the simplicity of Shih's wee poem. It's just the normal noises in here, kinda thing. Even as the calendar rolls over and we can get a whole new bag o' goodies to play with heading forward, still do the days and nights resemble those gone by. So does the same air fill our lungs and the sights and sounds of people and places bring to our minds remembrances of yesteryears and people passed.

In my own life, it's been another couple o' weeks of my seeming the blog slacker. I've made some rounds, but even then not commented very much. Other than lots of work when at work, I've actually had a wonderful change brought upon my silly life.

Just as I was about to give up again on teh dating, this incredible grrl gave me her number as her own hopes for meeting anyone outstanding on that particular site were dwindling and she was about to let her account expire. TIMING!!! woohoo! lol!

Our first date, which I mentioned a few posts back, was really a wonderfully quick 4 or 5 hours where we'd each expected but an hour or two for lunch to see what wuzzup with the other person. Since that time, I've had to change phone plans because my normal 300 anytime mins was No Where near enough; not even carefully managed. :)

So now (though really last weekend in these two pics) we're fast becoming all but inseparable. I really am trying to go slow. (D'oh!) She is too, though it's been such an incredibly satisfying getting-to-know-each-other month, that we both think we'll have plenty of time to slow it down in the coming months. For right now . .

. . I'm simply enjoying the wonders of meeting a woman, who not only expresses herself in ways I find adorable in the extreme!, but genuinely seems to be exactly who she says she is! THAT is A Biggy for me, as I have little capacity to pretend to be anything other than what I am; no matter how many different and often at-odds things that really is.

So Happy New Year to all my friends on teh internets! Even though I've yet to respond to the latest batch of comments, I do still get So Excited whenever one of y'uns stops by with something witty or silly or weighty or just plain nice to say. Based upon personal progress made in '07, my hopes are high - though I'm still on that particular wagon eh - that the new year will
bring more of the same to help me on my road to pretending to be fully who I really want to be.

Na Zdrovje! Le Chaim! Slan Gevah! Peace!


  1. man that is one big ass smile you've got on your face. i think it is a smile that i've never seen in any other picture of you. she's beautiful and probably the same inside.

  2. Obviously, MB, you're having a wonderful new year.

    May it continue for you. It looks like I have some catch up reading to do on yr blog.

  3. Michael,
    Both of you look very happy and content. Carry on the good work!
    Eddie Hunter

  4. Hola Tonya! I've been practicing smiling this summer - LOL! - trying to make it all cool and calm and (heheh) natural, when here she comes and makes me smile all big and goofy and who-the-hekk-cares! I Love it! :)))

    And, yes, you know it; she Is the same inside. :-D

    So far, so freakin' Wonderful, Dikkii! I'll be catchin' up on your Best of post m'self.

    Thanks & HNY, Ed!

  5. how.



    All the luck to you two - and may 2008 get better and better. and better!

    Nice to meet you, by the way, and have a face to relate to, after the head-shaking chimp.

  6. Thanks and HNY!!!, Nava!

    But, you've never checked my silly li'l Flickr? Gots lots o' goofy pics of moi on yonder.

    See ya!

  7. Looks like it is starting of pretty good. Let it roll and have a great year.

  8. AHA - now I see!! You have some highly paintable photos there!! The kind of face I would try to sneak a photo of!!

  9. Thanks a lot, Fallen! Good to see ya sir, and a Great Year your way as well.

    I'd glad pay you humbly for a good one, Nava. I've often thought my face has way too much character. Kinda like Jimmy Duranti's or something. D'oh! ;-}

  10. There is no such thing as "too much character". :-)

  11. I agree Nava...and let me tell you...his face is so kissable and I just love kissing him :)

  12. Happy New Year, Michael. You seem to be starting it off well. Best of luck to you both!

  13. Hi Lady C. Nice to meet you :-)

  14. happy new year and good luck to the both of you.

  15. Thank you Nava - it is nice to "meet" you as well...I hope you have a wonderful new year ahead of you! Same goes for you Michael Greenwell...thank you for the good luck wishes to us and may the new year fill your life with many happy and treasurable moments!


  16. AWESOME news! I'm really happy for ya, dude!!! =)

  17. Thanks John! She really is as Good as she Looks, too! lol!

    HNY amigo!


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