Shut up and just look pretty, m'boy.

I'm pretty sure that I could do the same, though I'm fairly certain that I'd be much happier piggin' out like a redneck.

C'est la vie, don'tchyaknow.


  1. Hmm... I could, I trust, paint with my eyelashes.

    'starve like a gentleman' reminds me of the 'brush like a dentist' TV commercials. Has no meaning whatsoever, but it sure sounds good!

  2. Michael,
    "Pigging out like a red neck." That's me!

  3. lol! with both of you. ;-)

    I do actually sorta dig sir Pound (American sir Little s.) Can even kinda relate to what he's saying their, even though it's basically nothing but attitude/posturing.

  4. He has a bit of a "Johnny Depp as gypsy" look to him, doesn't he? Maybe not *quite* as pretty...

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  6. He's working hard on the tortured poet look, if you ask me. The JohnnyB has a friend like that.


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