I Do Declare

Since this is the follow up to last week's Iowa Caucauses,
I'm thinking that it's close enough for me to go ahead and put my energy into a candidate for the long haul. I was thinking about posting this last week. I'm still not 100 percent sure of it, but believe that it is Time for me to say

I just wish that the following weren't so very relevant to so many of our states of affairs.

So what if Reality is so often so hard to face? Ignoring it is what gets us into situations where it's the Last Thing we want it to be.

Face It.

That's all.

Happy 2008!!!



  1. Those gloomy-gaze poets are real party poopers, Eh?

    I think the catch is that as long as politicians run for presidency, the ten-thousand truth will hit us in the face again and again.

    Pessimistic? maybe.

  2. Maybe I'm getting too old and jaded to believe any of them.

    Besides, if they want to change (I'm getting tired of that overused word)they could have and should have been doing a whole lot more prior to their running for pres.

    All of them maintain their previous work, alas, has anything remotely changed?

    And they've all in their own way let toe Nafta, Cafta stuff go it's own way also.

    And issues, the real issues here have been overlooked, by the Iraq debacle. ; (

    Schools, jobs, Katrina etc, etc. ; (

  3. Pessimistic? Alas, 'tis far more Realistic, amiga Nava.


    Hola & I don't think it's your age, Coffee. Next to none of our current crop o' pols seem to have any handle on doing what's Right for the Whole. They are ALL playing on Fear and Security ghosts in order to garner sheep to their individual flocks.

    And fleecin' all that's bound to produce for the whole.

    None the..., we've gotta choose the least wolfish and, at this point, it really seems to me that Barack O is taking the least disingenuous tack.

    Hope I'm right...

  4. Excellent quote.

    Every time I think I decide between Hilary and Obama for the long run...I get hit on the head by something either one of them says, and I go...yeecch.

    It's going to be a long year...


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