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the sentencing

Sometimes I Don't Know-oh . .

. . I think I can. Of course I can't. I think I can. Of course I can't . .

Yes Virginia, There Is a Reason . .

Dante Shakespeare

Congress Critters Apparently Excepted

More Gore-Obama '08

"We Tried"

This Is Our Country Too

Oh Man! I hate when that happens!


Gore-Obama '08

Better Belated

Firefox Rulz!!!1!1`

" When Everything's Made to be Broken . ."

Finding Balance

The Heart of the Anti-Matter

Erie is 95% froze over (it just gets worse)


Uuhhhg! It Makes Me Feel Sick

Hey! Pay Attention to Your Mother . .

The Great Emancipators - February 12

"--a word game that provides no insight."

N' N' N' N' N' No body's fault but mine . . .

Got A Map?

We Have Shrinkage!

Now That's a Presidential Pucker

Larry Hughes. Point Guard?

In Peace Love and Understanding

On Notice!

Play Ball!

It's Religion -v- Reality

Come on people, now! Gotta Get Together on This One

Hey Now

A Simple Irony

Whence Cometh Wikipedia?

“Raise more hell.” Molly Ivins: 1944 - 2007

One Step Forward, One Step Back