Hey Now

Yo y'all. Sorry I've been quiets lately. Battlin' the blues and attemptin' some risky social networkin'. Least ways, whatever I try in that regard feels risky. Is hard to tell cuz I'm such a silly human and be feeling so much about it.

No worries. I'm really just trying to be normal, as it were. 'Snever been "smooth sailing" for me, eh.

I'll be 'round and commenting on yous' blogs and posting more again in a few I'm sure.

Just sayin'...



  1. Mike
    Thanks for that pic, I haven't been in the Fat Head File in a while, there's a real backlog there of heads to float, but Alito needs to move to the head of the line. Have you ever noticed that Roberts looks like the auto pilot in "Airplane"?

  2. LOL! Now that ya mention it... {-;

    Ya know, other than that whole "Executive Prerogative" BS, I really do like the majority of what I learned of Roberts during his Confirmation process. Too bad that's SUCH a big false premise he's enthralled by.


  3. What a sweet pic. Aw, they're so cute until they grow up and claw your guts out.

    I love the outdoors, but I do have one irrational phobia: bears. Really. Like, afraid one will leap out and eat me and my young. Talk about silly.

    "Risky social networking". That's quite a euphemism! Anything is risky in -1 degree weather.

    Feel better.


  4. I second mando mama... there are some parts of ya that are a real bummer to have frostbitten...

  5. Hey, I can totally understand the "blues" getting you down. Hang in there man. :-)

  6. Sweet baby...oh...and don't let all this world stuff get to ya...just flip them all off...it feels better too.

  7. As long as I'm not hanging I'll keep hanging in, Jim. No ("real") worries, eh. Is just hard letting go of the right things whilst hanging on to the right ones; dadgummed emotional BS, don't ya know. Thanks. {-;

    Hey ya, Sumo. I think that's why my middle finger has been sprained for the last 2 months! LOL!

  8. If it's risky social networking you're after, come down t the Valley and I'll buy you a beer.....right after you help me move the World's Heaviest Desk up the World's Steepest Staircase.

    The risk, of course, involves catching a hernia.

  9. Hernia, huh? Haven't had one of those in a while. Ahhh, but I'm headed to the D next weekend for a 2 nighter. Better have my, uh, groinal regions in good working condition, eh.

    Dude, if I lived across town I'd be there for a beer though, and no doubt. I may love complaining when moving shiite, but its always a good time with good friends, eh. Have "fun".


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