Oh Man! I hate when that happens!

A hundred bucks on it at 45,000 to 1 retires me in an Orbital assisted living community, don't ya know.

First Class. Window condo.

Comprehensive Health Care included.
Asteroid threat demands response, experts warn


Kamchatkans and Venezuelans beware. A 20-million-tonne asteroid could be heading your way. Californians have even more reason to worry - the asteroid is more likely to hit the Pacific Ocean, triggering a tsunami that could devastate the west coast of North America.

These are among the scenarios projected for asteroid Apophis, which researchers now say has a 1 in 45,000 chance of hitting Earth on 13 April 2036. Calculations show it would strike somewhere along a narrow track that stretches eastward from Siberia to the west coast of Africa.

Compared to earlier estimates, the new figure represents a further reduction in the threat posed by Apophis (see Risk of asteroid smashing into Earth reduced). But the threat is real enough, experts argue, to merit a United Nations protocol for dealing with the problem.

[Funny like a crutch.]

I, umm, can't wait.

As long as they actually plan for it. It's a great drill for higher odds of Impact in the future.


  1. I cant wait to..one big hit...as long as I have a beer in my hand I can die happy

  2. It's gonna hit on April 13th? Hey, this is my birthday!!!
    Just my luck, Eh?

    OK then, perhaps we should move to Oregon or somethin'.

  3. Didn't hollywood create an american movie to deal specifically with this scenario? Get Bruce Willis out of retirement would be my suggestion. ;)

  4. I plan to be dead then just for the hell of it.

  5. The time to 'nudge' is now. A little push early enough translates into a wide miss. Don't ya just love orbital mechanics?


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