Larry Hughes. Point Guard?

First, let's get this out there. As Floridacracker said earlier at the Morning Martini,
"From Hillary on down they knew exactly what the authorization was about and they voted for it because they care more about polls and staying in power than standing on principal.

It's ludicrous to say, "If I knew then what I know now."
Apparently though, as we've seen so often, ludicrous pays some nice bills, eh.

Speaking of which . . .
Now I see it. America failed in its attempted conversion to the metric system because It failed to teach Teh Coach.


OK. So Larry Hughes has got to develop a 20' jumper from anywhere on the court at any angle or approach to the basket. From 20 feet. Anywhere round the hole. Knock down 47% of those and - damn man! - You can get Gold and the Title.

Then Mike Brown's couching skills would be just enough for the Cavs to smoke the West after shreddin' in the Eastern finals. Because then they'd have their point guard, and it wouldn't be freakin' Lebron James.

Oh, and hitting 80% from the line wouldn't hurt either, Hughes. Ya know? You salary has been one huge utilization of capital resources with no equivalent returns. Don't sweat the inside rebound. Get position outside and unguarded for the 3 off the board. Make 34% of those and there's some million$ earned on more than just payday$. Very nice path to a long and lucrative career.

You just can't stay skinny and drive the lane; not without gettin' busted up for 3-5 months at a time. So point guard make it, eh Larry? Eh Coach Brown? Eh Danny? Ain't it the truth.

Hughes gets 5 or 8 assists a night, and Lebron'll be knocking down 35, 40 a night without gettin' winded on most nights and still giving 5 to 6 dishes. Then there'll be no more OIC, baby. No more OIC.

Very, very, very nice.

I'd sure like to see that happen, but I wonder who they'll trade him for?







a point guard?

C'mon CAVS!!!


  1. I'm not to much of a sports fan, so forgive me for focusing on the first bit. I think it was awfully convenient that Hillary and all the rest left themselves this loophole where they could say they authorized military action in so as it reinforced the diplomatic efforts and not own up to their playing both sides of the court.

  2. Hey, no worries Frederick. Sports is just kicks for me, but politics feels more like a kick in the head most times, and it's because of almost but not quite as much duplicitous BS from OUR TEAM as from the Rethuglicans.

    I mean, you've nailed it and is why I put Campaign Finance Reform ahead of anything but Censure/Impeachment right now. There's a lot of rational Legislating to be done that won't be because everyone on Teh Hill is too busy selling their influence; even when they'd really rather be legislating.

    They've almost no choice but to constantly think like tools of the Lobby Industrial Complex. Using the brains for anything else might cost them their positions of power.

    {wealth is speech...}{shakin'head}

    Have a good one.

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