Dante Shakespeare

I hope, therefore I am glad that I am.


  1. Hope is the thing that we have to draw a line in the sand and say, we never will walk away from that.

  2. I like the way you put that. Gotta definitely keep m'self working on that.


  3. Seems futile at this time, but, there are always lows, before the highs. It's time for these lows to go away!

  4. I'm ridiculously hopeful. I think I actually amuse people with my hopefulness. It's an odd companion to my snarky honest side.

  5. Snark and Hope together are definitely what brought me into the blogosphere and a big part o' what keeps me here as well.



  6. Coming from the people whose anthem is named "The Hope" (aha, did you know that?), I am a huge believer in hope. It leads to positive thinking, and might lead to self-fulfilling prophecies - in the good sense!

    So, do draw that line in the sand. Wear a coat, though.
    I hear it's cold out there.


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