Yes Virginia, There Is a Reason . .

. . to apologize for our fore-bearers cultural norms. They were sometimes utterly despicable and immoral, some of them without any remotely redeeming characteristics. For such parts of our pasts, just setting them aside isn't nearly enough to repair the damage they caused.

And if we can't admit that our ancestors were often horribly wrong, well, it's no wonder so many folks still have such a difficult time admitting they were wrong only recently.

This is good to read if you're having trouble finding any o' that hope we've been discussing.
Virginia 'sorry' for slavery role

Virginia's General Assembly has adopted a resolution, expressing "profound regret" for the role the US state played in slavery.

The resolution was passed by a 96-0 vote in the House and also unanimously backed in the 40-member Senate.

Although non-binding, the resolution sent an important symbolic message, its sponsors said.

Lawmakers also expressed regret for "the exploitation of Native Americans" in Virginia.

Saturday's resolution was passed as the state was preparing to mark the 400th anniversary of Jamestown, where the first Africans arrived in 1619.

[Welcome to the 21st Century!]


  1. Whew! At last. This is a good beginning on healing. Just a beginning.

  2. sometimes that's all you can do is just say you were wrong. It doesn't change the past, but bodes well for the future.

  3. Iree to you, mi 'migas.

    It's a symbol of our shared hearts and minds. Of our equal quality as homo. It's good step in our cultural evolution.

  4. And the 'Old Dominion' was first. Having lived there for 5 years, I'm frankly amazed...but also pleased! :-)

  5. I think it is great news. History should be a learning curve for human beings, not a way to justify past prejudices or past atrocities.

  6. Amazing! Did you see the story about Al Sharpton perhaps being a descendent of Strom Thurmonds family?

  7. It does seem amazing, Kvatch. Especially since the votes were Unanimous! THAT was maybe the nicest surprise of all.

    History should be a learning curve for human beings

    ExACTly! Great observation, Beep!

    I've not heard the Thurmond-Sharpton connection, Coffee. Wonder how it'd go if Al ever shows up for a Family Reunion... {-;

  8. Well, there you have it.

    Thanks for the heads up, Coffee. {-;

  9. Eh, it's a PR trick...I know, I know, I'm usually such an optimist. There are two Jamestowns....the one with all the flash and dance and cool colonial tricks, and the actual historic site, where you'll just find mounds and rubble where things once stood and an old church, and the ground on which the real Pocahontas tread along the banks of the James River as a young girl who would not live to see twenty. The plantations in that beautiful lush Virginia territory are many, and extraordinary. There's no escaping that the families whose men were often in Philly fighting for independence were also becoming wealthy tobacco geeks and built their success on the backs of slaves. So with all this hoopla coming up, it was a no-brainer.

    Sorry to be such a crank! Goodness! :-/

  10. Mando! Is totally cool. I was thinking the same 'bout the Pub, but I Still think the announcement of Profound Regret - whatever the motivation - is one that needed expressing.

    For such a popular place of historic significance, the State of VA HAD TO issue an official stance on the human depravity which is represented by their re-enactments.

    Glad you flashed the light on that important part of this decision. Thanks!


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