Erie is 95% froze over (it just gets worse)

This is an edited version of an email which a very cool co-worker sent around.

I'm fairly certain that the last pic is today.

Jan 25, 2007

Jan 26, 2007

Jan 29, 2007

Feb 06, 2007

Feb 13, 2007

Happy Boating!


  1. Oh my goodness, what great pictures. Damn, they are amazing. Hard to imagine how cold that is as I am down here and it's 80 degrees outside. But we have freeze warnings one night later this week.

    Thanks so much for posting those pictures.

  2. My pleasure, Pop. That's what we live with up here for a couple/few months of the year. Nice and nasty, but it can be overall worth it. :}

    Y'all's Cold on the other hand really does "only last so long". Enjoy yer 80s Lady.

  3. Thanks for the cold pics..i think they canceled a Global Warming event was to cold...brrrrr

  4. My wife and I went on holidy near Erie in 1992(I think) she has relatives in Waterford. It was Xmas/New Year and the lake was completely friz. It was a hoot to see the good ol' boys ice fishing

  5. Teh! How'd you know I was dancing at the window watchin' it snow? I am HOMEBOUND for the mornin' anyway!

    Don't worry, Cave. There'll be plenty o' baking outside of the desert for GCC events o'er the years to come.

    It's got its own allure, Sumo. I'll letchya know what that is once I find it, eh. {-;

    Oh yah! That reminds me of the allure, Stew!

    When I was a kid, I loved walking on the ice. Not 30 yards offshore there are holes in the ice where you can hear water sloshing around underneath it all. It's really an Amazing feeling to stand out there and look around you, knowing what's holding you up.

    Some punk-amigos and I once walked about half a mile of Beaver Creek. We walked right to the edge where it was melted and merging with another tiny stream, and promptly fell through the ice.

    D'oh! MAN was that a cold walk home! It'll always be worth it to me, even though I hope to never repeat the adventure.


  6. Michael B, those are GREAT photographs. At first when I saw them, I thought, wow, what a cool series. Wonder where he got those. Then I realized, you took them. You've been watching that lake freeze right over like that. How amazing. Have you ever heard the ice make sounds when it comes together and breaks apart? I've read acounts of it, and it sounds like something I'd love to hear.

  7. Hi Robin Andrea! I didn't take the pics and Boy! am I glad! LOL!

    Clicking on that "Happy Boating!" linkage will take you to the Live Camera at the Bay Village Boat Club. Lucky for us, inanimate technology doesn't know - nor care - to come in outta the cold.


  8. Oh my. The pictures are amazing and scary at the same time.

    Hey, have your heard about what happened to Amanda and Shakes? We are trying to get some legs on this. You can read about it over at RoD.

  9. Robin Andrea, that IS the other thing that's so amazing. Hearing that constant crunching sound. It's like a sub-sonic version of the sounds from the holes.

    I know it, AG. I left Melissa Kudos on taking the High Road and condolences on an opportunity taken away. I'll be checkin' the Republic's take later for sure.

  10. Those *are* great photos, MB! Lake Erie can be a scary lake to be boating on. I have friends who've had bad accidents. *Bad* accidents.

    Wasn't all the snow cool yesterday? Our driveway is like a bobsled thingy. The Skimmer said today that 271 was a mess cuz the trucks didn't know which side to plow the snow to anymore. There was only one lane open cuz of that.

    I thought yesterday was great! I love a good old fashioned snow storm.

    OT: Let me just say, that I'm using Firefox right this second and every time I click over to Silly Humans, all these weird windows pop up:

    "The .tmp file cannot be downloaded at this time."

    "The path was broken, blah, blah, blah,"

    What? How come it's doing that?


  11. I wonder what ".tmp file" it wants?

    Broken paths?

    This is not good. This must be investigated.

    This might be a "mac-v-pc" thing, but I've not heard any word of it before.

    Hhmmm... To the template!

    (Not that I'll know what the hekk I'm lookin' for, mind you.)


  12. I might just be needing a new template soon anyway. I'm already cleaning up my "My Blogosphere" but we'll see.

    That really is a cute video you got up right now, BG. But why did I need to use IE7 to watch it???


  13. "Cannot verify the path. Blah, blah, blah and try again."

    That's what the window said (kind of) when I just clicked over here.

    Could IE7 possibly be Internet Explorer 7?

    Ha! I'm so technological!


    Don't know why you had to be in to see the vid. No idea, dude.

    That vide *is* great, isn't it? I was actually thinking about writing a little review of it. I've watched it so many times. I think it's well done.

  14. The vid is *definitely* great! They're just like silly grown up kids.

    I can relate, eh.



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