In "honor" of the MSM's coverage, last week and throughout the Bush 43 presidency.

Newspapers are unable, seemingly, to discriminate between a bicycle accident and the collapse of civilization.
--George Bernard Shaw

Or maybe it should be the headline of the Common Dreams opinion piece on which it leads.

Stop It Now

I support the House resolution opposing the surge in troops in Iraq as a preamble to that legislative body's announcement of Impeachment proceedings to commence within the next 35 days.

The crimes for which President Bush should be charged are sundry known and discussed daily and openly outside of the mainstream media. The whole of our nation deserves the opportunity to assert our Constitutional rights against our antagonist, Especially one who was elected by our tallied votes.

Bring the issues of American guilt, embarrassment and fear into the Light of rational discussion on Capital Hill. Impeach our President so that he might express himself more honest and truth-fully. Do not be afraid of what the results of your investigations might mean.

The majority the President's Reasons for the invasion of Iraq have been well documented as False and Misleading, and his War Strategies have been inept because them. To continue this course... That would have the same effect as Treason.



  1. How handy! I voted, but I sure can't beat that message. Treason. Has a certain ring to it, I have to say.

    Thirty-five days? Really? Cool.

  2. Might even say it clangs, as if it was the sound of the crack in the Liberty bell expanding.

    I figure 35 is enough since all the evidence they need to collect is already at hand. That just gives Shrub time to honestly evaluate a legal defense. (Um, "honestly"? Well, it gives him the chance to do so, eh.)

    I don't really think it would do him much good if they press forward and Impeach, but even if they don't convict on all counts, the country and the world need a better symbol of our desire to improve the entire mess caused by the U.S. preemptive invasion.

  3. hmmm I am for the so called surge that bothers you all. matter of fact since they are for Killing Al-Queda agents and insurgents from Iran hell I say for every American killed send in 10000 more troops..I should have ran for Prez..geez...ohhh so is everyone cold today?

  4. Caveman: Just go then. Go and support the war mongers right to be filthy rich at the cost of your blood.

    As for the impeachment to begin in 35 days - let's do it sooner, yesterday would be good enough for me.

  5. I'm with you Mary. He should have been Censured then he'd have been Impeached by January.

    As is, even if this Disclaimer does lead to it, Bu$hCo is still in Business for the near future. Competing on non-essentials when we should be cooperating. Fighting Wars instead of sharing reevaluating rights and priorities by region. We can make deals Left and Right, just as long as no body dies as a result of pissing off some psychotic borderline folks who think Heaven looks sweeter than what we got right now.

    Caveman's just droppin' nukes for the sake of the proposition that - and you can edit me here Caveman - if the U.S. is going to be $ucce$$ful in it's approach, it has to get medieval on an entire monocultural phenomenon which is even more devoted to medievality than the West's christinsanity..

    Our soldiers have gouged as many eyes for an eye as any group in the region, and they're no more happy about it themselves. There's no communication possible as long as the U.S. Military is there en masse and making lifetime enemies out of disillusioned and pissed off folks who've found out they can't make a difference by killing either.

    But Dude! Those battle ships are sniffin' Iran's arse. Shrub seriously thinks more killing is Better! Morally sound! {shakin'head} He's got gold way to highly valued and that's the effect, regardless of his intent.

  6. boy I am so glad you guys were not around in WW2..I am sure I would be goose stepping to the Nazi chicks at my local Snizel bar


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