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  1. When I think about the power of my own shadow, I feel I will never be able to practice. But I'm not sure I want to give up my shadow. I don't think I should.

    When I understood nonattachment, I forgot about shadow. I think that's where my feelings of attachment and expectation lay hiding.

    Coming to this blog and to Shameless Agitator reminds me I have lots and lots to work on.

    Peace out for a night,

  2. I was corrupted by Dark Shadows in the 70s but I couldn't tell you one storyline. But my "gut" says it was great! ;-}

    "The Shadow Knows". It just doen't share much if it Fairly, same as it is in Politics.

    Shadows for "Security" reasons.
    For our "own Good"
    but shadows
    eat personal responsibility
    and shite out polemical

    One thing the more religious States (via their Constitutions) are hesitant to admit is that requiring Certifications to practice a profession raises the income levels there in, by weeding out the bullshitters. If more Scientists would point to Welfare having empirical reason for being a higher priority than some populist fears about the Security of our Eternal Soul®s.

    That's Doom for peace and progress.

  3. Not all certifications weed anything out...unfortunately some hold up the illusion. But generally yes, I agree.

    I love the idea of science being an advocate of the poor. It has been for social scientists. But then again, science has long been an advocate of reason, and I'm afraid we've yet to see its benefit.

    As you say, doom indeed. Wish I were a better liar.



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