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To be clear; what little I know about Barack Obama I do like. He's just politically immature, unseasoned. If dude were ribs, he'd still be needing a couple more hours on the BBQ before even bein' ready for the final saucing.

But from the pool of quotes from his book and the way he's responded to some of the inevitable stereotyping proffered from across the Demned-Thugs aisle, he appears politically adept, lucid concerning many of the problems facing our modern world o' homo, and he's got charisma akin to, if not quite on a par with that of Slick Willie.

All of which makes him a particularly excellent Vice Presidential candidate.

Gore's record and contributions speak for themselves, and HuffPo's Bob Cesca re-introduces a leading reason Gore is first thing, in the middle and at the end of the day, the most well qualified candidate for the job.

It's A Dirty Job But You Have To Run, Mr. Gore


Since the beginning of this tangential timeline in which Biff Tannen pilfered his way to becoming the phony redneck monarch of Hill Valley, a plate was set for the next president in which no single issue would ever really take priority -- however meaningful. Even Biff himself is powerless do anything about his other pet issues, like destroying Social Security and guarding his precious Sports Almanac, all due to the truckload of shit he willingly fishtailed into. In 2008, Al Gore has another chance to correct our national course and make the future right.

The catch, though, is that President Al Gore would have to dig out before anything positive could be done on the climate crisis. Conversely, as Private Citizen Al Gore, he can move forward unhindered on this issue while, say, President Hillary Clinton or President Obama or President Brownback (try not to scream) did all of the heavy shoveling that is guaranteed in the presidential job description of 2009.

All of that said, we need a president who will make the climate crisis his or her number one priority.


Sure it's a dirty job, but for Gore to withhold his voice from the race would be to forgo what appears to be his era of convergence. His time. And for us, without Gore leading the free world, we face the potential for a continued path of ignorance -- a dark ride through an alternate reality in which global warming and the survival of humanity as we know it is allowed to slip beyond the zero barrier.


  1. Adorable GirlfriendFebruary 20, 2007 8:49 AM

    What real experience did Cheney or Bush have?

    How about Limbaugh?

    How about Condi?

    Did you read McCan't comments on abortion? I posted about it. The last thing I want is someone "with experience" who doesn't represent my views.

    What America needs is a serious cleaning in DC. I am so fed up with the right wigners and their B.S. I want Bill O'Reilly taken down. I love how he claims he doesn't spin and then he says America is keeping the world safe from Bin Ladens.

    How exactly is America doing that?!!!!!!!!!

  2. I think Gore is the only candidate I would feel confident in choosing. I wonder if Gore just got so bruised by his last election that he doesn't want to go through that again. It was a nightmare. I do wish he would come back and help us turn this country around.

  3. McCan't's new take is at just about the nadir of his disappointingness.

    At this point, I'd rather see Sumo's Governator get elected than such a delusional creature as him.

    I'm with ya too, Mary. Even if Al only wants 4 years to get things turning around, if Obama is all he seems he'll be ready and eminently electable for 2012.

  4. I always liked Gore. I wonder if he's just being coy... playing "hard to get" to see how serious we are about having him in the race, or if he really has no intention of running again. I mean, he's already won once... I bet he'd have a landslide this time. Maybe he just figures, "what's the point?". As long as we've got those electronic voting machines the neo-cons can put in anyone they want...


  5. That is indeed a dream ticket. I would trust Obama to make any decision before I would trust these criminals who now haunt the oval office.

    The next prez is going to walk into a shit storm. Maybe Gore is too smart to step into something like that.

  6. Hmmm I like Gore to.. To most Americans he is like the weather guy that says we are going to have a future of heat while most of us got snow...I am for Gore!!!...Hussain Obama well at least he is truthful..I am not for war..lets just run...Hillary..a very confused mess she needs a cigar

  7. Gore won anyway, but I think he's too smart to want to attempt to fix the mess gw has made of the world at the moment.

  8. He may not be barbequed yet, but there's nothing like going through a presidential campaign to give you a good "saucing" no matter what the result.

  9. That's all I'm saying. .. there's nothing like going through a presidential campaign to give you a good "saucing".... {-;

    I think Gore's one of the few people who can handle what the next Prez is gonna inherit.

  10. I agree. I think Gore's ready, and although this may sound optimistic even for moi, I think America's ready.

    If enough of us start printing Gore-Obama bumper stickers, won't they have to run???

  11. I'll take a Gore-Obama team, even if Gore is the VP. It'll still give the team the gravitas and experience it needs. Unless he is drafted by overwhelming popular demand, I think Gore is not going to run for Pres again, so this is the next best thing.

  12. I don't see it yet, but I've kept hoping that Unity '08 group would do the drafting. As much as we'd all like him to run (errum, incldng Caveman) I do think he'll need to be sure he's got at least as good odds as any other Dem.

    I'll probably bug his site a little for details. Ask for some of those bumper stickers or the like. See what we might be able to do to get him pumped up for it, eh.

  13. Gore will not run. I'd bet my house on it.

  14. I'm all for Gore, we know him, he has a real interest in the world around him and he's sane.

    Obama is very charming and intelligent. I don't know exactly how I feel about how he would be as president but I respect him and I don't like the bull that people are throwing at him. It's ridiculous.

  15. I'm with Frederick. Gore has found his mission in life and that is the environment. He has been through the Presidential campaign wringer and I don't blame him for not wanting to do it again...that doesn't mean I couldn't get behind a Gore/Obama ticket. Hell, I could get behind a Gore/Bugs Bunny ticket.

  16. Is Gore going to run? I certainly hope so. Maybe it will right a wrong if he runs and is elected.

    I think he was ripped off the first time. It is funny, but I remember watching the lead up to the american election between bush and gore. I didn't know very much about either of them previously, but I remember thinking quite distinctly, that I didn't trust the one with the little beady eyes. And I most certainly do not mean Gore.

  17. Monk...I'm with you! Hell, I could get behind a Gore/Bugs Bunny ticket. Sadly, I don't think Gore will run...but nothing is impossible and it is not too late. The thing about Gore is in comparison to the Dimwit prez...Gore would be an excellent negotiator with foreign policy. He would diplomacize those Middle Easterners like no one before him. They would actually respect him...for one thing he reads. He speaks very well...and you know when he's serious without being an asshole. Just a few of the things a prez needs to be able to do.

  18. I still have high hopes. He has to run. I don't know how he could lose. Oh yeah, that's right. He didn't.


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