In Peace Love and Understanding

You blogged. You voted. You were elated to see the Democrats sweep through the elections of '06 and Hope sprang anew in your breast.

Then the First 100 Hours came and went and - what the effin' heck?! - despite some significant domestic priorities changing course, you see that we're still no closer to resolving America's continuing role in the escalation of violence and despair in the U.S. occupied, Civil War enshrouded, once-sovereign nation of Iraq.

What gives?

You've written your Congress Critters, now here's your chance to talk to rest of the Boyz on the Hill.

Tell 'em what you're thinking in your own words. You know I did.
Whatever else the President's schemes in Iraq have represented, they have never been the wisest, most recommended approach to resolving America's problem with Terrorism.

Please leave your political partisanship aside in order to do the rational And moral thing and support our troops, our nation and our world by debating our country's misbegotten - and illegal by the terms of our agreement with the U.N. - war on its merits alone.

Since you know it has very few to contrast with its demerits, you will be helping to strengthen our nation and protect your constituents' rights and lives.

In Peace Love and Understanding

Here's a version by someone who's requested that embedding not be shared. I don't know who he is but really love this low-key and laid-back rendition. Maybe he's someone I should recognize, or maybe he's just being a great example of what I'm talking about: we can all make a difference.


  1. It's amazing that I actually did have hope, that after all these years, I could still fall for their lies. I think this country needs a revolution.

  2. We're on the same mental page today. There's only one person who can really make a difference and he's fu*cking insane.

    Politics seems way more important these days than the future of our country. Can we with hold their salaries until they start doing the work we told them to do?

  3. I think it needs political ipecac. It's surviving on bile and missing all the joy except when at someone's expense.

    Not honest nor neighborly a'tall and Shrub at the hub of World politics is ownership Society madness.

    Is a plausible idea. To see the Bureaucracy temporarily takes over from the Government, since it certainly can't make heads or tales of it. I should find this one in the rulebook, eh.

    Treason against the United States, shall consist on in levying War against them...

    Well, that's part of what they've got to do to earn their salaries. Impeachment. Not sure how to put them in Escrow or whatever as one does with our utilities/rent when the supplier/landlord is slackin'.

    Good idea though. Perhaps it can be done. I hope we don't need to do it. {-;

  4. LOL, "political ipecac." Goes well with the last shot of Shrub with the cryin' babe.

    Five choppers down in two weeks. Just the last two weeks, I mean.

    Impeachment really is too civilized a solution for that crackpot.

  5. Adorable GirlfriendFebruary 08, 2007 12:38 AM

    I lost hope at the young age of 20. I worked for someone who ran against a man who had been in Congress for 30 years. He was under indictment for 20 plus years, he showed up for sessions less than 30% of the time and claimed to "bring home the bacon" to a military base. Except the base wasn't even in his district.

    And you know what -- the people voted him in again.

    The seat was lost last November to a Democrat after the tools replacement was voted out. I guess killing your girlfriend was not OK. It's amazing what it took for the dumb people of NEPA to see the light.

    AG learned to have no hopes for DC. It has made life easier.

  6. Like the DSCC ad. Sort of sums up how I've been feeling these days. I think that Republicans are about to head into the political wilderness for a while.

  7. I think I hope that too much. It's that perennial Cleveland Sports Fan Syndrome.

    What the Democrats need to win, and actually win and make rational, far reaching changes, is a ticket like Gore and Obama, or fine, Gore & Hilary "Lieberman Lite" Clinton.

    But Gore for 8 years first.

    Edwards would make a good VP too.

    Hhmmm... Hil wouldn't last another 8 years in the White House without being President though, and Edwards ain't running #2 on another card, so it's got to be Barack Obama.

    Imagine what he might be ready to be for this country after 8 years of national and international political seasoning under a guy like Al Gore.

    That's the ticket I want. (Or Gore & Clarke.)

    See? We've LOTS of options!

    So why am I still scared 'bout their chances... We'll see.


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