"We Tried"

Oy Caramba!!

As if the C.I.A. "rendering" human beings isn't vile, reprehensible, repugnant and sadistic enough, Rupert Murdoch has "boldly" bragged about his News Corp's complete lack journalistic integrity during the WEF in Davos over two weeks ago. Yet this is the first I've heard of it.

I'll take a bit o' the blame for that. I do tend to ignore some of the more popular bloglines, checking them out as a result of some interesting bit which one of my usual faves have posted.

Ok. Here's what I'm talking about.
From News Corpse:

(T)here was a more shocking exchange that took place that ought to have caused more of a stir amongst professional journalists and all freedom loving people. It was an exchange that revealed something that most conscious beings knew, but which I have never seen explicitly articulated.

Murdoch was asked if News Corp. had managed to shape the agenda on the war in Iraq. His answer?

“No, I don’t think so. We tried.” Asked by Rose for further comment, he said: “We basically supported the Bush policy in the Middle East…but we have been very critical of his execution.”

Let me repeat this: “We Tried!
How has this NOT been front-page news ever since? This man, who monopolizes a tremendous swathe of what used to be The News, just said he has no interest in providing reality unless he can spin it for the reaction he wants!

Sincerest thanks to Ethel, one of 2 wonderful Women on the Verge.

Now to go see how I managed to miss C&L's or HuffPo's takes on this insanity. . .


  1. Shouldn't Satan be collecting on that deal he made with Rupert pretty soon. I am guessing the Prince of Darkness has a high-level position awaiting his good friend when the time comes. Probably working with Moon.

  2. He's no Hurst, thank Jeebus...

  3. If by the "Prince of Darkness" you mean Yahweh, then yeah. I think so, JR. This sounds OT Biblical in its perversity.

    I think that Patty's grampy was just lacking the knowledge and the Tech to hold a candle to this misanthrope. If there's enough $$$ to be made, "integrity be damned" is one thing they have in common.

    And that does NOT negate any positives of either of them. It just tells the truth, the WHOLE truth and Nothing But the Truth.

  4. On the whole, the press has been pathetic over the last six years. From what I understand, it can only get worse. Haven't been following the details, but along with domestic spying, legalizing torture, ignoring Congress etc., I understand this administration has made it much easier to prosecute reporters for not revealing their sources.

  5. Many years ago I worked at the H Corp in SF (18 yrs) and must say, now as then, the news seems to be what sells advertising, not "whats news!"

    BTW, there are now, if I remember correctly only 3-5 major "news" corporations, down from 13 when I left in '97! ; (

  6. I'm amazed that he said they have been critical of the execution of Bush's war. No way! They tout every single Rethug talking point and march to Cheney's drum daily. Fox is the pure propaganda station.

  7. We basically supported the Bush policy in the Middle East...

    Like anybody would be surprised by the revelation that Faux News' parent would be in bed with Bu$hCo. But does it really matter? Is Faux News really anything but entertainment?

  8. Dig it Paul. Nothing like adding to the cause of Freedom of the Press by diminishing the value of objectivity.

    3-5... down from 13...

    Thank you Congress. I thought more was supposed to better for competition? So much for understanding what makes Capitalism work for Society; an entire pool of individuals with Rights...

    Peacechick and mi frogmigo, you've both nailed the purpose and cause of my incredulity as to why this hasn't been all over the blogosphere. We knew. We know! And, despite Wingnuttia denying it all along, here's Satan himself saying "suckas!!!" and still being pissed off, quite naturally of course, that his Champion has been a total fuckin' IDIOT when it comes to playing the game of deceit and accumulating power.

    The Universe Doesn't Work Like That.


  9. Critical?? They haven't been critical. They've been as close to brown nosing as you'll ever get.

    We tried!

    That only works when you break something and try to fix it. Not when you watch someone break something and join in...and then deny it.

  10. michaelb-

    No need for thanks, though it was very nice of you to do so (*blushing*)...

    Am I suprised that this wasn't all over the media? No. Just as I'm also not suprised that Jon Yoo's comments haven't received as much attention as they deserve either... while "rendering" human beings is absolutely sadistic and repugnant, the fact that this vile man actually ADMITTED to supporting the torture and rape of small, innocent children , as young as 18 mos., in front of their parents as a means to an end is an abomination... they all need to be tried for crimes against humanity...

    E of wotv

  11. I became aware of this when crooks and liars posted it. Guess us left wing, hippie bloggers are the only ones that give a good damn that a media person admits to kissing bush's nasty ass. Sad thing is, they are still trying!

  12. Isn't it nice that they are critical of the execution?

  13. These guys apparently have a totally different definition of "critical", eh 'Nilla.

    Thanks you for the tip, EW. And Crimes against Humanity is right for the results that have been rendered. Sickos on both sides and others...

    I gots to read C&L more often. lol
    And it is sad that they are still trying their asses off, but there're still plenty of Signing Statements to be had protecting Media Monopolies.


    Well, they're at least critical of the execution of the execution, eh Suzanne.


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