I just found this at Blueberry's Texas Oasis and really think its important to pass it on.

Stop the Escalation. Let your Congress Critters know you mean it.


  1. I saw this commercial last evening and was very surprised.
    Needs to be plastered on all channels, everywhere.

  2. Great commercial. I'm so glad they are getting the word out to everyone. But, I do have to laugh because with any other President, we would have gotten through to his mind. Now here is Congress finding out they have no voice that Bush hears. He doesn't hear anyone but the bug in his own brain.

  3. Finally just watched this.

    Too bad we have to get to this point before people might even listen a little.

    Peacechick is right. What did I see yesterday...another 249 BILLION for war toys? He's not listening. He just doesn't give a rat's ass.

    Maybe he'll slip on the ice and bump his head or something.


    It's another day. It's another day. It's another day....


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