Now That's a Presidential Pucker

I really don't know what's going to come of that Unity '08 outfit about which I've written, but I'd sure as all that's good love to see Gore be their nominee.

That's no matter whom the Democrats nominate. . .
Gore: Nations must take lead in warming
Associated Press Writer Wed Feb 7, 11:49 PM ET

MADRID, Spain - Emerging economies such as China are justified in holding back on fighting greenhouse gas emissions until richer polluters like the United States do more to solve the problem, former Vice President Al Gore said Wednesday.


Chinese officials said they would act after industrial countries such as the United States and others make changes themselves, Gore said, addressing a conference in Madrid on global warming.

"They're right in saying that. But we have to act quickly," said Gore, who was nominated last week for a Nobel Peace Prize for his work in drawing attention to global warming.

"China's reaction to the scientific report last week was disappointing, but it was instructive," Gore said.

The United States is the world's leading emitter of greenhouse gas and has refused to ratify the 1997 Kyoto Protocol on curbing such emissions. President Bush contended that it would slow the U.S. economy intolerably and that it should have required reductions by poorer but fast-growing nations, such as China and India.

[On American Planetary (ir)Responsibility]
Just imagine how relevant would be the Debates if they include Edwards, Gore and McCain all talking relevantly about things that matter to Life, Limb and Liberty of the world's populations, and not just the using buzz words and catch phrases to ensnare the ignorant and pre-occupied masses.

Imagine having a President who believes the American Dream might still be evolving and - better yet! - still should be available to any who wish to live it.

Imagine a Chinese Market for American manufactured products!!!

That isn't gonna happen unless China's working class folk can afford to buy them. American poor do need Health Care more than anything else, but they're spending more on Entertainment products than anything else because that is what has replaced the Dream of personal success in this country.

Electing a President who has his priorities straight would go a long way towards alleviating the stresses endured and perpetuated by folks who are just trying to get by whilst keeping up with Joneses.

No matter which country those folks call home.

Competition works best when only One Side can win. That's the realm of Sport. In Politics Cooperation has to be the guiding principle. Winner-takes-all is simply too damned deadly and contagious.


  1. Good or bad, I just don't see Gore getting in it for 08'. Although I would love to someone, anyone, prove that Clinton's 40 million dollar fund raising lead doesn't matter in the out come.

  2. Dig it bro. I'm certainly not gonna pick the winner yet. The way Al is hanging around the issue though... He's made it obvious that he knows he wouldn't get the Dem nomination, but he hasn't said he'd turn down any opportunity.

    At this point, keeping him a candidate, in principle anyhow, should have a good steering/framing effect on the declared Pols' campaigns.

    Personally, I'd love to see a Gore/Obama ticket. That would give the Illinois Kid some time to perfect his Senatorial relationship-style and pick up valuable international lessons as well. THEN we may have an extraordinarily worthy President of the U.S., who just happens to be of African lineage.

    Is all "dream-work" for now though. So the more we talk about the rational choices, the more Google hits they get and the more the actual candidates will pay attention.


  3. Did you read the Rolling Stone piece on Gore? Highly recommended. I'm a Gore fan, and I agree with you a Gore/Obama ticket would absolutely be the best. I signed the Draft Gore '08 petition, and I would work my butt off to see him elected.

    I agree with Frederick, I'd like to see someone tell Clinton what she can do with her $40million war chest.

  4. Thanks for the reminder, Robin Andrea. I meant to read that months ago but TRS is blocked at work. For whatever the reason(s), I kept forgettin' to check it out from home, but this evening will be as good a time as any, eh.

    Hil's war chest is just one more thing to dislike about her whole approach to politics. She should be one of the most vocal leaders demanding campaign reform and instead she's one of the Biggest Reasons that it's needed!


  5. Yes global warming is bad..hell this year in the desert we have 2 feet of snow..really its a bit of an Ice age I think

    Go Gore

  6. I think that Gore is more popular than Hillary. I don't think she can win at all. Too many Dems don't trust her.

    Unfortunately, climate change is going to include more extreme weather and freaky stuff. I'll bet it feels like an Ice Age to lots of people right now.

  7. Ahhh... My Geico Insurance hating friend. LOL!

    "Freaky" is right. The most accurate thing that can be said about Global Climate Change, other than that sea levels will keep rising, is that the weather is going to get ever more unpredictable, even as our abilities to predict it keep improving.

    Fun stuff, huh?

  8. Gore/Obama! A truly winning ticket and I'd bet the ranch on it they would win hands down. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a President who is thoughtful and adheres to the constitution and works toward saving the environment! Wow, that would be heaven compared to the hell we have been in.

  9. hmm Weather has always been unpredictable Mike. But Gore predicts we all die in 9 years if we dont do anything?..siggghh..welp time to build a boat huh?

  10. Wow, woweewowow...y'all have hurt my head and cracked it open for me tonight...



    Based purely on experience, I wouldn't put my money on Obama in the lead seat, as MUCH as I like him. But, he and Gore are both so goddamn smart it makes me giggle. Put them on a ticket together and I'd say all of America might be downright GIDDY.

    Oooooh I'm liking this.

    I have always been impressed with Gore. I wasn't too crazy about Tipper's obsession with songs with dirty words, but she's a good person and since behavioral health is sort of her cause, I'd back the duo.

    You know, Gore's daddy campaigned through Tennessee by playing the fiddle against his rivals. Them days are gone forever.

    Sweet dreams, America...


  11. Ya know, Caveman, (ignoring the "in 9 years" misinterpretation since, of course, it's already begun) even if Gore and the IPCC's take was exaggerated and we weren't contributed ever more to Greenhouse conditions on planet, the insane fears of folk like $hrubCo are still reactionary and unfounded.

    Ramping up our ability to produce Cleaner Energy Sources and more reliable, safe and sustainable methods of mass production and transportation can only provide more ways for folks in FREE societies to earn their livings and Still Lots of wealth.

    Which reminds me, gotta stop and get that danged Lotto tic during my lunch break today.


    MM, as much as I often am now, I was even more ambivalent about some stuff when I was younger, and Tipper's mad campaign was definitely up there. As silly (and often contra-indicated) as her Warning Labels campaign turned out to be, I always thought it a good idea to at least be discussing it.

    In theory anyhow, they're really not that different from Ingredients Labels on foodstuffs, eh.

    Hope ya had enough of those Sweet Dreams to heal your hurtin' head.


  12. Gore is probably the only person in existence who could jump into this race later this year AND likely emerge as a clear frontrunner. He may yet do that if he feels no other Dem is sounding all of the right notes. . .

    We can only hope.


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