N' N' N' N' N' No body's fault but mine . . .

He should be a younger guy though, to be fair. This guy, assuming he lives another 35 years, will mostly just have to deal with refugees.

Well, unless he retires in south Florida.

On the plus side, rising sea-levels should reinvigorate the Everglades.


  1. A Led Zeppelin reference!!!

    P.S. Thanks for your comment the other day.

  2. I happen to live on a ridge in Florida - exactly 27 feet above sea level. So, it looks like I will be on a little island. Maybe I'll make it a separate country.

  3. And the warming will supposedly turn Greenland into a garden spot.

  4. I got into Zep later than most of my friends growin' up. They had Perfect Notes and Solos though, and that song is like the lead of Stairway to me. As Larry Jones would say, they owned it.

    Thanks for keeping me thinking, bro.

    27'? How wide and long is the ridge, Mrs President? D'ya need a gardner?

    Naaahhh... Other than a few more (hundred) killer tornadoes, Ohio, part of the region of New Yorkistan, will be downright balmy for 7 months of the year. It gets there a little more each decade.

    Change the capital to Rybbytjavik, eh Frog? Oh, wait a minute. That's iceland.

    Eh... You can Summer on Greenland.

  5. A nice thoughtful post..

    keep blogging

  6. buahahahaha...wooo cant wait for the ocean to get to my desert..welp I better start buying some fishing poles

  7. Yep. The beach is going to be closer to Austin. And we will need it because they say in another 50-100 years the "heat waves" (100+ temps) we now have for a couple of months will become normal for all summer (and summer is May to end of October), also the rivers will dry up due to drought so goodbye lakes, and they are developing atop the aquifers so goodbye drinking and swimming spring water. I'll be dead way before that, but I still care.

    Great cartoon!

  8. I am a huge fan of both the Everglades (and some great pieces of fiction by Carl Hiasson featuring environmental causes in the region) and Zepplin. These people are not foolin'

  9. Have you ever stopped to think that there is really no such thing as an atheist? To be adamant that there is no God, you must know everything that there is to know. You must have 100 percent of all the knowledge of everything in the universe. Let's assume you have 1 percent (which would be high for the average person) of all knowledge. That means that you do not know 99 percent of all the things there are to know, so you are really agnostic, because you dont know if there is a God because you cannot know everything.

    Also, I find it hard to believe that you dont believe that everything has a maker. What if I showed you my home - it is made of bricks and mortar, but then I told you that no one made it - it just appeared here by accident. That's unbelieveable - just like its unbelieveable that the earth and everything and everyone on it just appeared here by accident.

  10. Get some hip-waders while you're at the Tackle Shop, Caveman.


    ..I'll be dead way before that, but I still care.

    Namaste, Blueberry.

    Iree, Suzanne! Hiasson, huh? An Amazon search shows - 1) he's prolific and 2) looks like something I'd really enjoy reading.


    To be adamant that there is no God, you must know everything that there is to know.

    Teapot Theory is more believable than that everything appeared by accident. Natural laws aren't accidents. They're the results of quantum probabilities.

    Add to that, I frequently don't understand women, but that doesn't mean they're ever not real.


  11. This is interesting, hearin' all y'alls different situations climate wise.

    Our office did a recruiting gig for the local wastewater district. The guys there said that water will drive war someday. They're right, aren't they? As much as I am not a big fan of living here in Deceiveland and would rather run with my kids barefoot through the sweet humid holler, well, I guess at least we've got the lake to back us up.

  12. Water drives people and animals, so it does definitely drive war. I worry that people like Shrub will continue fanning the flames with oil, greed and fear.

    On the plus side, desalination is getting more efficient, affordable and profitable so our bottled water markets are making $10 gallon of water look like pretty stable plateau.

    Now if we could just get gasoline pegged at $3, with the market adding or subtracting from that tax cost.


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