On Notice!

That should be "Bazaar", as in "to the highest bidder Health Care", but it took 4 tries to get that picture saying who and what it is that I want to put On Notice.

Thanks and Forgive me, Blue Girl. I never did fill out that form the first time. As a recovering Catholic, I'm afraid that this means extended time for me in purgatory. If I make it through that (reincarnated as a priest no doubt) I might just be a better Islamo-Luvin' Hippie Anti-American Librul Feminazifascistfagatheist Demonspawn*.

Koz help me.

Besides, I suffer enough with the Cavs being mediocre enough to bring down one of teh top three ballers in the Association. Maybe I should move to a Bigger Town. Then I'd not have to suffer from Teh Curse!

OIC baby. OIC. Surely I suffer enough?

Not that I'm superstitious or anything, but here's my penance.
(I had to speak in code if I'm to stay unrendered, or avoid becoming disappeared.
[my part in this whole mess, which is really fairly small but seems like the whole universe from my perspective.])



* Check out the writing over "my" shoulder. "Merry Xmas kids!"


  1. Damn. That is the best type of healthcare. Just when I discover soemthing I really like it's poof! Bff the market. Demons!

  2. Phill McMuffman? Is that Bush's new Director of Every Child Left Behind in the Emergency Room program?

  3. LOL.

    Why is Colonial Williamsburg on the list? It's not that evil. Maybe the merch is evil. But the root beer's good. I had a crush on an interpreter, once.

    I will try this. But not tonight. Definitely not.


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