the sentencing

I don't want
anything to hold me
except for in joy

anything will scold me
but is fruitless

resistance ain't futile
'gainst a senseless
new toy

it's a nominal ploy

forgetful impermanence
I'd much rather create
than destroy

so here's to play
and grieving though sound
here's to living
the freedom
to learn,
teach, confound
here's to nirvana
and heaven
and peace
here's to the sentence
by which I've been bound
life's not forever
so here's to right now

I let go
a long time ago
it's time to get comfortable with it


  1. Impressive, very impressive.

    I always smile at the let go and hang on concept.

  2. Oh wow!!!

    Here's to optimism, and to the now.

    RAmen, by all means!

  3. Man that last line sounds staged cuz I'm still workin' on it. '-}

    It's gettin' comfortable with it that makes such a slacker outta me though. Gotta find that consistency of optimism.

    RAmen y namaste all y'all.



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