Better Belated

Here's a better, though belated, valentine's pic.

The story isn't very in-depth yet. From the sound of it, they might not make it anymore so, either.


February 13, 2007In what's been called a Valentine's Day gift to Italy, archaeologists today excavated two interlocked Stone Age skeletons—leaving their "eternal embrace" intact and making it easier to analyze the double burial.

Discovered last week during construction not far from Verona, the setting of Romeo and Juliet, the roughly 5,000-year-old couple has already become an icon of enduring love to many.

Like Shakespeare's star-crossed lovers, the prehistoric twosome appear to be young, as evidenced by the condition of their teeth. But that's about all that is known about them so far. They could just as easily be two brothers.

How sweet.



  1. Adorable GirlfriendFebruary 15, 2007 10:58 PM

    Hope you had a nice valentine's day!!

  2. Thank you, AG. It's been better than I would have expected.

    Can't wait to read about you and UC in NYC. Have a blast!

  3. I'm still waiting for the Story Contest on the star-crossed lovers, here.

    What would compel a community that so thrived on ritual to bury these two people together? Were they even dead when they were buried?

    Well, all fodder for therapy or perhaps dreams. Or a good killin' song.

    happy friday...

  4. When you put it that way, MM, it does appear as Denethor and Faramir might've ended up had Pippen not intervened decorum be damned.

    And I would dig hearing what anyone else thinks might have put those two together in the dirt.

    It's beautiful in its imagination, but "..fodder for therapy or ... dreams.." indeed.

    As to good killin' songs*, Denethor's plans come back to mind again**.

    * Here's the version everybody outside o' the Military knows and "loves". Just in case ya need yer palates cleansed now. I do loves teh Metal now an' then, eh.

    ** Damn my LotR geekery! {-;

  5. hmm would love to have seen the movie on them die in love

  6. Dig it dude.

    Caveman, you've got a fairly, um, poignant take on things. I think you could relate well to the guy gettin' interviewed on Shakes' place.

    The interviewer does some seriously funny stand-up himself.


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