" When Everything's Made to be Broken . ."

Found this wicked cool version of Iris by following an interesting looking link on my Site Meter (apparently someone got to me via the NextBlog button.) Just look at all that rain and see how much fun these cats and the crowd are so obviously having!

That's how I used to dream that I'd make a living when I was oh-so-much younger.

Happy 4th of July!



  1. That's so odd. I just posted something by Iris Dement over on my blog.

    What's with "Iris" all of a sudden? Spooky.

    It's not an outdoor music festival if there's no rain. I'm looking for some good gear to get me through this season, lol.

  2. I'm listening to the Iris Dement right now. She's really good. Think I'll wake up to the rest of that album in the morning.

    Synchronicity is sweet, eh.


  3. Wow! Wicked cool is right. But I wonder how all those fancy-ass guitars looked after bein' out in the rain like that.

  4. Ain't it the truth, Larry! At least with a band such as the Goos they've "made it" and can pay Guitar Tecs a hekkuvalotta cash to make sure those strings don't rust nor wood does warp.

    Still, I do wonder what it'd be like to play in such a downpour. Man! and in front of such a crowd!

  5. Did you play guitar? I used to play drums. Had extremely kind next door neighbors...

  6. "Kind neighbors" like the one's down my street. We always cut it off early, 'round 9:30 cuz my pops hit the hay 'bout then.

    I always keep a guitar around. LOL! Don't play it nearly enough but I did just write a song. Only took me 6 years from the last one I wrote.

    1 step forward.

    {smirk'n'a} {-;

  7. You are entitled to write all the songs you want, horde them in your room and hum them to yourself. But once you mention them on your blog you have to record them and post them. Sorry, but rules is rules.

  8. Well, there ya go. Rules is rules, eh.

    I just got done telling someone that yesterday I downloaded some recording software, now I just need to get a 1/4" to 1/8" converter so I can plug a mic into my sound card.

    Is in the in works amigo. For better or worse, is in the works. {-;


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