We Have Shrinkage!

And, believe it or don't, that's a Good Thing.

You Are 50% Weird

Normal enough to know that you're weird...
But too damn weird to do anything about it!

OK. I'm not as weird now as I was in July. So that's progress, but is it a plateau? Do I want it to be?

I do try to be Progressive.

namaste y'all.



  1. Beat ya by 10%--only 40% weird, but 100% wild-eyed, knee-jerking, pinko, commie, leftest. So there!

  2. Adorable GirlfriendFebruary 09, 2007 12:26 AM

    I'm not sure AG needs to know whether she is more or less weird.

  3. Hmmm... I think there is something wrong with the test, as I am only 40% weird and clearly that is not correct.

  4. I was only 40% weird too. I am devolving..

  5. Hhmmm... I'm thinkin' November's Elections have toned down the general Weirdness Levels in the world, and that's why my score dropped so precipitously and y'all, whom I know to be almost as weird as moi, scored under the 50th percentile.

    The General Principle seems to be akin to this one: In an Insane Society, it's the Sane who are thought Insane.

    Things are still pretty weird on planet, no doubt about it. That election sure seems to have done a lot towards bringing some Sanity back though.


  6. LOL I don't want to take the test and confirm what I already fear.

  7. Adorable GirlfriendFebruary 09, 2007 3:29 PM

    Either that M.B. or it's too damn cold to be weird!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Hi Michael -

    I say the current political climate has skewed the notion of weirdness to the point where measurement of our own individual weirdness has become scientificallly impossible...

  9. Mike I need your help, please see my latest post.

  10. not sure what this means- but i am 60% weird. so- am i getting weirder and you are getting less weird? weird.

  11. I'm succumbing to AG's proposition, Betmo. That it's too damn cold to be weird! I'll take the quizzer again maybe, after the cold snaps back close to freezing.

    Yo Bob. I'll check it out.

    Paul! Is good to see you back in the 'sphere. Hope all's well and thanks for the humanist angle on Jess. As I commented, that's always been a big part of my take on the mytho-biographical man.

    Methinks your namesake could really have used some meds and a good shrink. Alas, those are scarce even now.

    L8 {-;

  12. Only 40% here, but I finally caught on to the Unity 08 thing and it's a good thing. I think the cold is finally receding so my brain is unfogged a bit. Not that anyone will notice, tho.

  13. I am also only 40% weird - what's going on here???


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