I Have Left the Past

Now, here's the thing
I feel like a hurricane
A heart aswirl and so in pain
Foggy bottoms,  litmus stains

Significance is my domain
A feeble cause in money's time
and Greeks would worship
on the vine
of grotesque Old School Moves

And so the sage blows on wind
Reminder that contemplation
And act of actuary
Belief supplied with data
Or else it's just Faith
Love Abandoned

Loving Someone's goals for them
I hardly know my own for me
Is not the way to obviate
The former for to the latter's need

I don't want a very accurate
accounting of my life or failures
I want to know what maters most
and loud decibels won't waivers
Phenomenon are forever
Indelible, no favors

Calligraphic calls to Arms
an' only sensationalism
Complete the falsehood in its state
of innocence ad sapience
Brilliance of the child's star
Quintessence in Essentials



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