"Safe, Accountable, Fair, and Efficient Banking Act of 2010 "

If you'd like to send an email to your US Rep and Senators which support Sen Sherrod Brown's SAFE Banking Act (S. 3241 please click on this link to Democrats.com Unite.

Below is the, admittedly verbose, opinion I tagged onto my own submittal to Senators Brown and Voinovich, and Representative Kucinich.

The concentrated wealth in these four Banks' control has two effects both contrary to and detrimental to the US Constitution: It prevents the opportunity for other financial institutions to enjoy the liberty of freedom of expression which is each person's and corporation's constitutional right and, as is the focus of this petition, it cripples our Nation's ability to defend itself against the complexity of Economic History unfolding.

The accumulation of Wealth is a right. The accumulation by a number of individuals and institutions which is limited by their control of a large percentage of the current total capacity of Wealth which might be created has always led to a system which operates to the detriment of the very institutions and persons to which and whom that right has been given, whther it has been given by the governed or by hereditary or conquering rulers.

If our Federal government is to stay out of the business of "redistributing" Wealth it must rigorously, and as scientifically as possible, regulate the ability of any person or institution to accumulate an unbalanced percentage of the total Wealth currently and imminently available to both the local (National) and global (International) financial pools.

Regulated Capitalism has so far proven to be the most reliable method of ensuring liberty and inclusivity to our species. History proves, mathematically, that all systems will fail where once they had succeeded if they are not consistently and effectively maintained. Nature does this via Catastrophes. Humanity must always use conscious, diligent and intelligent Regulation of the Rules by which we live Together.


  1. wat u wote was really nice i liked it alot i also hav a blog and no one has read but e and i even left a comment so if u read it and left a comment that would be nice

  2. Bains! Where are you and what are you doing?


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