Coming Out of Manic Mode

Not sure if this is gonna help me come down easier, but it strikes a chord so sweet and true I've wanted to post it all day.

If I may be so bold as to add to Goethe's insight; and punishment does squat of any positive value whatsoever.

Last Friday I got home and read this article on Complexity and Collapse*and, thoughout the entire essay, my brain was bubbling with ideas which I couldn't slow down enough to write. {sigh} but lol! Oy! Sometimes I get it down, and sometimes I just have to let it go, believing I've thought such ways before and know the material fairly well so will indeed get it out when I'm more level headed.

'Tany rate, Happy Friday and it's off to the weekend!


* Alas! that a subscription is required for online reading, but perhaps some stray click-by reader will have one. Truly a great and insightful article, so to any interested, pick up the March/April 2010 issue of Foreign Affairs. It's the first of the essays and follows directly upon Kenneth Roth's, slightly over critical IMO, commentary on Pres-O's approach to Human Rights to date. Well worth the read.


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