Take Part in the Call for Constitutional Integrity

I've been leaving a link in some of my comments on some of the more political of the blogs I frequent. It's to a site which has a novel idea for political bloggers and website owners everywhere in the United States.

On September first, about two months prior to the coming November elections, why not join in converting your Blog or other website's facade into a Call for Impeachment? The message has a stark and matter-of-fact message and using the code provided by Impeach.net, your blog will look like this for as long as you choose to leave it so.

The Impeach.net folks supply the code, but a friend in the 'sphere asked if I might supply some brief and relative clear instructions on how to actually implement it. Following these few steps should get your blog decked out in the dark and serious message which our current Presidential Administration is in dire need of getting: The Constitution may only be changed by Amendment; NOT by Presidential decree.

For Blogger.com bloggers, these directions should work as well for you as they have for me. Peacechick Mary, who checked them for me, says they worked as advertised for her, so go for it!

1) Goto your Blogger Home and click on the icon to Change Settings next to your blog's name. It looks like a little blue geer.

There are Four Tabs across the top of the page. Click on the tab labeled Template.

3) In order to ensure that your current Template is not lost or mutilated, here are instructions for saving it to a file on your Local Hard drive.

(These instructions are specifically for MS Windows users. If you're using a Mac, the same procedure will work if you use the appropriate Mac Keys. I don't know what those are though. If you're using Linux, you probably don't need these instructions anyhow, but they will work with Open Office on any OS. {-; )

A) Launch your word processor application, whether it be Word, WordPerfect, Wordpad or Notepad doesn't matter. As long as you use the .txt format when saving the new document. Now go back to the Blogger Template page in your web browser.

B) Click anywhere inside the template and hit Ctrl A (select all). This will highlight your template. Then click Ctrl C. This will copy the selected text to the windows clipboard.

C) Go back to your new document and click Ctrl V to paste your old template into it. Remember to save it as a .txt file. This will prevent any of the current code in your template from being lost or mistranslated.

Don't close the document yet. If you're just testing to see if this works, you'll want to reverse these steps in order to restore your original template. You'll want to do that after you've left the Impeach.net template up as long as you like as well. Having lost or screwed up my templates in the past (how'dya think I KNOW how to do all this! lol) I always go through the procedure a couple of times, in order to make sure that I've done it right and haven't lost all the hard work I've put into modifying my blog to look how I like it.

4) Go back to the Impeach.net source code page and select all (Ctrl A in Windows) then copy it ( Ctrl C) it to the clipboard.

I find it helps to note at least SOME of the words you are copying, in order to ensure that you've actually copied them after the checking the next step.

5) Go back to your blogger Template page - where the entire template should still be highlighted - and paste (Ctrl V) the Impeach txt over your old template.

a) If your template code is not all highlighted, hit Ctrl A again to make it so. THEN paste the Impeach code over it.

b) At the very bottom of the new template, you'll see this line:

*<*a href="#">Enter Site*<*/a>
In place of the # sign, in between the " ", enter a website where you would like this piece of code to lead.

ex: http://www.google.com/search?q=failure&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&hl=en-US&client=firefox-a

This example leads to the Google Search on "failure" which is topped by President Bush's biography on WhiteHouse.Gov. Any site which says something you think worth sharing on the this important will due nicely. Impeach.net even supplies the link for the After Downing Street website, which would be highly appropriate as well.

6) Scroll to the bottom of the page and hit the Preview button. That will launch your blog in a new browser (or in a new Tab if you're using a Tabbed browser like Firefox or IE 7.)

Your entire blog should now be nothing more than a black background with the word Impeach in the middle, followed by a large blue dot. There will also be two links at the bottom of the page.

If it doesn't look this way, feel free to email me (bainsmac AT gmail DOT com) and I'll try and help out.

If it looks like it's supposed to look, well then, you're good to go for September 1, 2006!

NOW you'll want to reverse the above procedures in order to return your blog to normal until that date. Or not. Is totally up to you.

I'm hoping this event gives our Congressional candidates get a strong and clear message that the current Congress has failed in its duties as a balance to the Executive branch, and that we cannot in good conscience either accept or condone such behaviour; not if we value that which makes Our form of Democracy such an enduring and efficacious means of government.

Peace all! Have fun and good luck!!!


  1. I support get ridding of the wanna-be King! Can we do it today? Why wait for him to screw up more that he touches and sees!

  2. Looks good, very good. I posted it too, but refer all technical questions to you as I can screw up a blog in a heartbeat.

  3. One certainly may, AG. As a matter of fact, thanks for the idea. I've a test blog I'll throw it on and link to from here as well.

    No problem on the ?s Mary. And seriously, thank you again very much for gettin' me motivated on this one!

    I'm with the rest of you folks who actually pay attention to our government's activities and am simply amazed and disgusted that very few congresspeople, other than a few like Feingold and Kucinich, are taking the current Preznit's sloppy excuses as somehow being good for our country.

    Paranoid and greedy - not to mention pathetically irresponsible - politicians deserve neither their offices nor our respect.

  4. Damn! I can't overwrite the beta-blog's template yet. It says they'll add that functionality later.

    Ah well... Here's what I could do.

  5. Hey, that monkey gif, I’ve had it for years. I send it to folks telling them that it’s my baby picture. I don’t think it will be possible to impeach Bush, and even if it did happen he would still be a dangerous man. Try of course. But I think a one way plane ride to Iraq would be a better solution.

  6. Very cool idea...why not join us over at thepeacetrain.org?

  7. I'm all over this, but do we get to embelish it a bit?

  8. Hi BBC. It's possible because of the facts of his activities having Constitutional Means of Achievement which he didn't think were enough, but I take your point and "worry" as to its probability. And I heartily agree with the Exile Option!!

    Irrational fears be holding me back, Glenda. Ie, you guys are doing some great work over there and I don't feel "up to snuff". I'll try. mucha gracias for the invite!

    Kvatch, I see no reason why the hekk not! The give the template freely and make no mention of Not Altering it.

    Seems to me a efficacious idea if the goal is motivating the blogoshpere (not to mention the frogoshpere!) and our law makers. Can't wait to see how you do it!

  9. Good morning, Mr. Bains. Thanks for putting this list together and for visiting my blog. Both are much appreciated.


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