And then there was one [1]

conversations from the inside
A series of mind boggling (at times..) conversations in my head.*

Take One:
(staring out the window onto Clifton Blvd. Rain's comin' down and people are moving purposefully 'cross streets and over them. Stone tools laid out and groove sunk in.)


As I see Evil, it's always there.
It's only turning away from Good.
Just as so many want it to be.
It's only knowing what you want
being trumped by security greed.

by fear
oh oho oh

what choices you have!
that you haven't made
that you have

a Shadow apprehended
might be befriended
by another not sedated
if light and dark
end in light and dark
How unlikely is that?

Just pressin' PUBLISH...


* WARNING: Probably not safe for reading. Anywhere.


  1. Without darkness, there would be no light, then how would we know the shadows? Also, without the shadows, we could burn-up in the sun.

    Your poem gives rise to many thoughts.

  2. I used to love cooking on the beach. Coulda been a Zonker in another life.

  3. OH! LOL! Peacechick totally beat me to it! LOL! I love it.

    Rock on. Love your shadow. It's all good.

    Spanish wine, a fiddle tune, and shrimp. Sun on my face. My picking improving with six hours practice a day. I could do that for about a year straight. But, Peacechick is right. Eventually we all need to get out of the sun.


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