Is it purple yet?


Well, yeah. That works. Hat tipped to my Google home's fun tab, Interesting Photos of the Day.

There needs to be a musical category for hillbilly disco metal. With a Satriani kinda lead vibe, techno beat and heart-stabbingly sad melodies.


is somewhere inside
is something i may have dreamed of
it can't help but hide
it doesn't occasion to mean much

but i am so much awake
that i might as well come out an' join you
and it's so hard to take
that i can't help but stay and enjoy you

when ever
where ever
you are i am

you are i am


  1. No.
    Actually, this is violet. Purple id more reddish. (Ha, the painter in me). :-)

  2. "...You're turning violet Violet!!!"

    Ummm... Thanks.


  3. Adorable GirlfriendMarch 21, 2007 4:19 PM

    AG's favorite color is purple.

    Heart, heart, heart MB for the lovely picture!

  4. If I change this -
    when ever
    you are
    where ever
    i am

    whenere ever
    you/i are/am

    to -

    Happy Equinox

  5. That is a very cool photo.

    OOH, I really like the rhyme

    "...come out an join you/
    stay and enjoy you"


  6. If there is hillbilly disco metal, it was played in this town last week at our little SXSW music festival.

    And Satriani is awesome. I like Eric Johnson better, but they can both transport you to new and purpler places.

  7. Thanks Mando. :-} That line's been in my head for a while now. The rest was all off the top.

    They both jam phenomenally, eh Blueberry. I've been tryin' to play along to Satriani for years now, but the closest thing to EJ I've played at was probably Mike McCready. Well, a little Stevie Ray back in the long far past don't ya know.


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