"I'm Ann Coulter. Call Me."

Is there a voice-over goin' on here?

My fave is at 50 seconds in: "I've got ... a horse-face and a cell-phone battery for a heart..."

It didn't even need to say 'call me' after that line, eh.



  1. Just think - she could be your blind date this weekend! Scary?

  2. ew ew ew ew ew ew ew... {shudder}

    I'd rather be the blind one. And deaf and mute t' boot.


  3. That is great! LOL

    "If you're blind and evil..."

  4. Now there's a great drag name: Ann Coltish. But you'd have to be on meth for several years before you could pull it off...

  5. BWAHHHH ...
    "If you're evil and blind, call me."


    Oh...sorry, Matt. Didn't see you already called that one.

  6. I also posted this one (though I said I would never give that attention whore the time of day anymore, but this one was too damn hilarous!

    Is this kind of attention only encouraging Horse Face, making her stronger like those aliens on Star Trek who suck up the energy and get stronger when fired upon in defense or retaliation?

  7. lol!

    That's a valid concern, Stardust. I really think Ms. Coltish would need some sort of - oh, I don't know - a Heart or something in order for any of this to have any effect on he/she/it.

    Unless of course it helps diminish his/her/its profitability as an MSM Ass Clown.


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