What Are You Reading . .

. . starting with the last sentence on pg 69 through the 4th or 5th on 70.
"We're not talking conscious decision, here?" Blackwell kneaded what was left of his right ear.

"No," Laney said, "I don't know what I though I was doing."

"You were trying to save her. The girl"

"It felt like something snapped. A rubber band. It felt like gravity."

"That's what it feels like, " Blackwell said, "when you decide."

IDORU William Gibson


  1. Actually, I'm re-reading Jasper Fforde's The Well of Lost Plots...
    opening lines:
    "Making one's home in an unpublished novel wasn't without its compensations. All the boring day-to-day mundanities that we conduct in the real world get in the way of narrative flow and are thus generally avoided. The car didn't need refueling, there were never any wrong numbers, there was always enough hot water, and vacuum cleaner bags only came in two sizes- upright and pull along."

    Sounds like heaven, doesn't it?

  2. That happens to me all the time, that rubber band thing. Must be the bug zapper.

  3. I sometimes feel as if I've stolen another's existence. Like someone else should've been me.

    I don't really think so, otherwise I'd also believe they were in Heaven now instead of me.

    Do those bug zappers come in cranial-insert configurations?

  4. The Queen's lodgings. which had been rebuilt in 1256 following the destruction of an earlier range by lightening, were on the first floor and overlooked the herb gardens in the cloistered kitchen court.

    They featured an oriel window and a turret. The rooms were brightly decorated: archaeological evidence show that the stonework in the window was painted vermilion,red orcher, and black and that there were extensive murals of biblical subjects; in Isabella's chamber, there was a wall painting depicting the Wise and Foolish Virgins, while the wainscot was painted green wtih gold stars. There were marble pillars, stained glass casements in the windows, ceilings of traceried wood, and tiled floors.

    Isabella's private chapel was two-storied, her pew being on the upper gallery, which was accessed directly from her apartments; her household worshipped below.

    In the Lower Ward was the chapel dedicated to St. Edward the Confessor, founded by Henry 111 in 1240.

    This was demolished, along with the great hall, in the late fifthteenth century, when St. George's Chapel az built on the site.

    Henry 111's had a timber vault painted to look like stone, and six columns of Purbeck marble; the west doors, with their splendid iron scrollwork, still survives in St. George's Chapel. On the altar was a silver-guilt image of the Virgin Mary and another of St. George in armor.

    Queen Isabella by Alison Weir
    This is the French Princess portrayed in Braveheart. She married King Edward 1 son...who became Edward 11...she didn't go to England until William Wallace had been killed...she certainly never knew him.

  5. Isabella's private chapel was two-storied, her pew being on the upper gallery, which was accessed directly from her apartments; her household worshipped below.

    Whoa.. Good thing the poor dear never had to come into physical contact with any those "household" folk.

    Keep your English Coodies off teh Queen! :->

    And can you believe that hundreds of thousands (prob'ly millions) of people still pre-engage their infant/toddler children if they think it's good for the Family?



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