McCain's Tax Plan: "Now, that's crazy."

I started this post when I first found that Darwin's Dagger had posted a link to Obama Tax Cut. Sehr kuhl! Alas, I've been back in one o' those funkin' funks where my brain tries repeatedly to kill me, even though I know it's not Life that sucks, just my lack of control of said brain.

Yah, I know. T.M.I....

'Tany rate, this morning I found a NYTimes online article on Da (Money) Man, Warren Buffett. How do the two tie together?

...As far back as 2003, Mr. Buffett had warned that the complex securities at the center of today’s troubles — once so profitable, but now toxic — were “financial weapons of mass destruction.” These securities were engineered by the math quants on Wall Street, and in the interview Mr. Buffett expressed his disdain: “Beware of geeks bearing formulas.”

To help pay for the rescue, the government should raise taxes on the wealthy, Mr. Buffett suggested. “I’m paying the lowest tax rate that I’ve ever paid in my life,” he said. “Now, that’s crazy.”

[Buffett may not say it, but I've no problem repeating, OBAMA '08!!!]
Emphasis is mine.

Getting back to Darwin's pointy post; commenter Mickey links to the CATO Institute site and a decent, though, of course, near sighted article explaining some of the pitfalls of the Income Tax.

NOTHING is one-sided. Government has GOT TO BE based on objective and statistically accurate information, though. Individuals will prove how exceptional they really are by thriving in an environment which is managed in order to to benefit the Whole of any nation, or the whole at large.

More power to 'em! Just don't make the rest of us suffer for someone else's success. 'S'all I'm sayin'.

Obama '08!


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