A Ghost Trapped in his mind
Laying firmly on towards some chance of escape
Wanting nothingness
Before and After waking

A Ghost Lost in his mind
Glaring fiercely at any who would help
Declaration of sanctity
of Choices made for free

Poison set in when the launch was set
Shadows entered dreams
But certainty wins by its Nature

The Frost Concealing the Wind
Open sources encouraging Fear
Mutinous internals can't help him now
Profligacy of contempt

The Frost Encircling Hope
Cold fractals of fears and joy
Intermingling opposites
Everything making sense concurrently

Nothing is Everything
Said the man with the Life pouring from his face
Children abandoned by those who Love them
Nothing is Everything
Is Anything He decides to make of It

Maybe later the Spring

(Please don't ask.))


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