To Each Their Own

'Twas checkin' my SiteMeter and found some fun word smithing.
... some people who have lived exemplary lives are torn with severe guilt to the point they no longer wish to live, while others who have committed horrendous crimes suffer not a twinge of conscience.

And I thought that it was only me!

I never thought it was only me. I've known way too many peops w/ bigger problems than my own. Some of 'em hardly seem affected at all, while others are literal cripples. Is what makes statistics sehr important, but hardly the be all-end all.


  1. That was my feeble attempt at sarcasm and humor. Now you know why I ain't on the comedy circuit.

  2. Heheh. Now that I can relate to. Your site was a nice find, this morning. Gave me pause at a few posts. Thanks!

  3. Micheal,
    That is very profound.
    And usually so are the little word to type in at the bottom for word verification. They are like tealeaves.
    Fox example the one at the bottom of what I am typing now is skedgit.


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