Wow! It's True

Everybody loves squirrels. Right? But, I mean, c'Mon! For anyone who's seen that picture and thought, "BS!" here's a little story for ya.

It's not Photoshopped. Some of those wee fellers are, well, not so entirely wee.

(Sorry. It's 3:30am and I can't sleep 'cause some folks are having a loud, apparently drunken, though congenial, conversation in the next building over.)


  1. Guess it's where you live - all I hear are the squirrels jumping around in the tall trees. - causing the blue jays to squawk. Last night it was hot - the windows were open - lots of hooting owls.

  2. Niiice. Trains. Traffic and college aged partiers back my way. Today I'm at my Ladies, and it's more like kids and drunks; most on welfare.

    No mega-hung, or the normal kind of, squirrels, nor birds round here. Well, at least the cats aren't heat.

    I miss my train sounds... lol



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