For America

I really wish I could put this on a billboard in every Public Square in the country.

Very cool!

(Thanks to Channon for passing it on to me. MmmmmmWAH! m'Lady.)


  1. Obama is a great speechifier. Hands down.

  2. He does seem to consist of the material from which great leaders are made of. hope springs eternal, eh?

  3. Hands down and knuckles knocked!

    Seems so, Nava. And I could really use a drink of it!

  4. WOW.

    Thanks for posting this video, MB. It's about the best I've seen yet. VERY inspiring after all these sad dark years being divided and mislead by the Bush administration.

    My wee blog isn't a billboard in a public square, but I'm posting it too. As an American who's proud of her country but who has been deeply disappointed by its leadership since the turn of the century, I hope Obama becomes our next president. It won't be easy, but we can restore our nation's credibility and standing in the eyes of the world and return to being a nation of laws, civil rights and equality.

  5. Excellent, Wren! Sharing the posting is what for I was hoping!

    No matter how it happens, History can not end. Not 'til we do, anyhow. Hope will make it Historically Good.


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