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My Lady wrote this!

What has happened to America? Growing up, my father worked a blue collar job. My mother stayed home and took care of my younger brother and me. We lived in a nice little community, a nice home, and even went to private schools. Those were the days, but those days are long gone. Today, a lot of families are single parent homes. Children have to raise themselves so their parent can work. Often times, the parent will have to hold two jobs just to make ends meet. What is America telling our youth? We need to change.

To make matters worse, prices continue to steadily raise, however, income increases cannot keep up at the same rate. It is not just the poor and the uneducated who are suffering, it is all of us - it is America. We need to change.

We are supposed to be a great nation, but that greatness is slowly and steadily disintegrating. We are involved in fighting for other countries, trying to help them gain freedoms they have never known, and while that may be a good thing, at the same time, we are losing our freedoms. America has succumbed to the never ending demands that we have somehow placed on ourselves. What can we do? We need to change.

We may study hard in school to make good grades, go on to college and earn our Bachelors, then continue with our education and even obtain our Masters - for what? We find our niche in the world and become a member of the working force. We put in our 40-50 hours each week, and work hard at what we do. Why? There use to be an American dream behind all of this. The dreams to be able to own a home, a nice car, provide for your family, and to be able to take a vacation together. Now it appears that this has become the minimum requirement just to make ends meet in a poor to mediocre home, and sometimes those ends fall short. Why? We need to change.

I remember my dad would open the bills that arrived in the mail and would immediately write out the checks to pay those bills. Now, I open the bills in the mail and I pray to God that somehow I will have enough to pay them. The energy bills have got to be the worst. Just six months ago, it cost me $20-$25 a week in gas to get back and forth to work; now it is $35-$40. I am sure that all of us are feeling those pains - and I am sure that the majority of us still have the same income that we had six months ago. We need to change.

Let's forget about all of that. Let's forget that every extra $10-$20 we use for fuel is another $10-$20 we don't have to pay our insurance. Let's forget that every extra $10-$20 we use for fuel is another $10-$20 we don't have to pay our light or heating bill. Let's forget that every extra $10-$20 we use for fuel is another $10-$20 we don't have to feed and clothe our children. Let's forget that because of the extra $10-$20 at the pump, maybe our neighbor's children went to bed with nothing to eat except a baked potato and a few crackers with peanut butter for dinner. Ah - but we don't need to forget - you see - we already have. We need to change.

What America needs is a leader who can stand up for what is right. What America needs is a leader who has the courage to tell us, "Hey - we are messing up here, now let's fix it". What America needs is a leader who has the bravery to possibly even stand up to us and point us in the right direction. What America needs is a drastic change, and just maybe, what America may need is a leader such as Obama.

The elections are just around the corner. Let's think about what has been working for this country and what has not. Though change may be frightening, sometimes it is necessary, and to simply put it - America - we need to change.

And I most heartily agree.

* I don't know from whence came the pic. It just feels like it fits. For now...


  1. Ah, the questions with no apparent answers! Everyone has a different take on our mess - consensus is minimal except to say something has happened.

    Free marketeers will say the ship will self-correct.

    The progressive is still waiting for a society to become enlightened.

    The Republican will say, suck it up you weenie.

    The religious right says we ain't praying hard enough.

    Historians say look to the past.

    Politicians say vote for me I got the fix.

    Me? I cop a line from George Carlin: We're just circling the drain.

  2. I couldn't agree with you more Bill - we are just "circling the drain", going down further and further, which is merely my point...we need to change! Thanks for your comment!

    "Michael's Lady C"

  3. YES, you are so right, Lady C, we do need to change, and the question is, who will make change a reality once in office? Who will follow through? The last election was supposed to bring change, too. We haven't seen it. Yet hope is still alive.

  4. Howdy Bill. I just think it's 'cause peops wanna let someone else take care of things. They wanna live their lives and trust that the best interests of our Leaders will equate, at least marginally, with our own. Hekk, I usually wish the same thing.

    But, it takes ignorance, plain and simple, to think it's actual reality. Never has been. Never will be.

    Thanks for lettin' me post it, Chan!

    Hopefully hope will always be there, Maria.

  5. Be the change you want to see. Pros have taken over the government. We can't trust them. It has to happen in your heart, in your home, on your street.

  6. To which I reply; PC Support!

    Errr... Because other than ca$h and this wee silly blog, it's about all I can give.


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