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Despite, or perhaps because, I have such low personal optimism about myself, I tend to have a vastly greater supply of that mindset for the world at large, even with the Economy slumping dangerously into Recession territory, to the point where we find the NYTimes quoting The International Monetary Fund as calling the situation “the largest financial shock since the Great Depression.” It's still apparent that we can right this listing ship.

That's why I preferred Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton and John Edwards early on in this campaign. It's why I'm a Democrat rather than a Republican. I believe in both the need and our ability to Change and grow by learning from past failures and successes.

Why choose Barack Obama for Economic reasons? Let's start with our own Country's best interest in a way which necessarily and ever so effectively includes the rest of the world's as well.

How Obama Reconciles Dueling Views on Economy
Obama’s agenda starts not with raising taxes to reduce the deficit, as Clinton’s ended up doing, but with changing the tax code so that families making more than $250,000 a year pay more taxes and nearly everyone else pays less. That would begin to address inequality. Then there would be Reich-like investments in alternative energy, physical infrastructure and such, meant both to create middle-class jobs and to address long-term problems like global warming.

Reich is one of my Heroes. Rubin is a guy whose tactics I think indispensable to keeping our economy humming along so that moneys can be collected to pay for the infrastructure upkeep - both physical plant, per se, and educational/medical investments - which is Government's main concern. The combination worked Extremely Well for the United States during the Clinton admin.

Can you say Budget Surplus?

John McCain has, unfortunately but predictably, capitulated to the worst elements of the Republican party. If he wins the election, we can only hope his duplicity is sincere.

Personally, I'm goin' to stick to hoping Obama's sincerity is.


  1. politics doesn't lend itself to optimism for me these days. :) i just play a 'prepare for the worst and hope for the best' scenario every day.

  2. Considering the US has had 43 presidents and, if you don't count the first six, that means we've had 3 or 4 who now considered good to great.

    The odds are against Obama but hope abounds when there is nothing else one can do,

    A McCain presidency? We've already suffered through a string of awful Repug presidents since JFK's time so anything Old John would do is like another LA cop joining in with the beating of Rodney King - one more punch and kick won't make much of a difference, the damage has already been done.

  3. did you never think about going for nader?

  4. Going for Nader? Maybe if I'm driving a Corvair without brakes and Ralphy is crossing the street ....

  5. In another hundred years it's possible that a leader such as Nader would be desirable. Right now, Obama, if he can figure out Health Care especially, is our best shot. His Economic program is without peer in this election cycle.

    As far as an international agenda; what is best for the Whole world is, in fact, what is best for the U.S., and that's his biggest primary "ideal". We're not an island empire, nor can we - the United States - remain productively democratic if we continue electing leaders who think we are better than everyone else in every way.

    Pride is essential, but too much is self-defeating. Obama seems to me to have the greatest understanding of any of our candidates about a Balanced approach.

    Fingers (heh!) crossed...

  6. I think most people are either glass half-full or glass half empty kinds of people. It's both temperament and choice, how you want to see reality. There is much ugliness and also much beauty. Which do you choose to focus on if you have no way to overhaul the ugliness.


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