The Answer is, As Always, 42

Believe it or not, this is encouraging!

How long could you survive in the vacuum of space?

I'd've figured I'd be a goner inside of 15 seconds.

Found on Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy.


  1. One minute, 29 seconds for me, MB. But it would be a terribly uncomfortable minute-and-a-half, with exploding eyeballs and eardrums, etc. Fortunately, I don't expect to experience the vacuum of space anytime soon. Phew!

  2. "Phew!"

    lol! I wonder? Did you say you'd breathe Out or In? I went with out, thinkin' I'd not be able to hold it that long anyway and figuring there'd be less damage to my lungs should a ship with an Infinite Improbability Drive happen to show. Regardless, guess you won't have time to put any flowers on anyone else's grave, eh Wren. :-)

  3. Oh, I went with a big breath IN. I figured that breath, if I could possibly hold it, might oxygenate me long enough to be rescued. Hope springs eternal...

    Of course, being informed after answering the questions that any moisture on my skin would boil away in moments and that my veins would collapse as they tried to equalize the pressure, etc., makes it pretty doubtful I'd be able to hold that breath. Just in case it happens to me and not you, I really like yellow roses. ;o)

  4. 1 minute 11 for me too! And they say "Congrats!", too!

    Then they tell me "The pressure in your veins would rise until your heart no longer had the capacity to pump blood, at which point you'd die."

    And, with these cheery thought, I shall go to sleep.

  5. Yellow they'll be, Wren! lol (Though a little SPF 2,000,000 might stave off that necessity. :))

    Bet those were some sweet dreams afterwards, eh Nava? ;-)


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