Alternative Reality Sources???

I'm surprised he doesn't just Talk With Jesus™ about it.

Oh, that's right! He has to be serious with his Big Oil buds. Unlike with his frothing fundy political supporters amongst the electorate, it wouldn't do for him to go counting on teh bible with that bunch.



  1. What I want to know is why we even have to consider drilling for the rather small amount of oil under ANWR or offshore when our military has spent the 5 years sitting on top of the second largest oil reserve on Earth. Where the fuck is that oil already?

  2. Meh! Oh them Good Ol' Boyz are tryin' to get to it for "us". No doubt about that, eh. Guess $130+ per barrel is finally attractive enough for their Profit Margins.


  3. W'all could use some alternative reality sources!

  4. What would Jesus say to the idiot if they had a conversation? That is the more interesting question to me.


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