Warm Swarm of Advertising

We need stuff. Right? I mean, really!, where's the harm in buyinig a mass produced Tickle Me Elmo for teh wee ones.

It all depends, now. Doesn't it.

Over the last few decades I've quietly wanted to be a less voracious consumer. Even though I'm nowhere near what I'd say is close to meeting that want, I've made some headway. Not much. But I'm getting better at it. My problem is that I've been impoverished; not knowing when my next meal would be. Mostly I've just been middle-class lazy, though. When I've had money, I've spent it.

Live and - hopefully - learn, eh.

This one's going on my sidebar soon.

Thanks go to Michael for his Believe Nothing Day post. LOTS of food for thought in that one.



  1. “We live in a collective adrenaline rush, a world of endless promotional/commercial bullshit that masks a deep systemic emptiness, the spiritual equivalent of asthma.”

    Morris Berman, The Twilight of American Culture

  2. Having less $$$ does encourage less consumption, I can attest to that, especially lately. I am really trying to say NO to my inner child when it comes to getting "stuff" - or I try to find it second-hand. That helps the planet by keeping my treasured desire out of a dumpster. ;-)

  3. "Spiritual asthma", eh? Yeah. I can dig it...

    Definitely a great way to conserve, Blueberry. And it reminds me that I'm overdue at the Vintage Clothier's. It's been just 'bout nothing but Target the last few years.


  4. in the last couple of years, I somehow lost the over-consumerism urge. I just no longer need to have everything I see. I'd much rather get a new brush or tube of paint.

    So - is that a sign of getting old or getting more profound?

  5. This is why I will spend my tax refund on illegal drugs. Screw corporate America!

  6. It's a little bit o' both, I'd imagine Nava. Regardless, the results do seem to be working for ya!

    MB hearts AG! lol!


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