No Matter What Is Said . .

". . (i)ts about context people and we are not so important that we need to inject our cause into every sentence that comes out of everyone’s mouth."
[From a commenter on Qweerty*, as quoted in NYT political blog, The Caucus]
There are much better ways to deal with bigoted speach than by lettin' our anger manage our reactions; even when the speech is from politicians. I like the quote because it gets to the Unequivocal Real Problem with human beings: distorted self-importance.

You can defend yourself without deluding yourself into thinking that a person expressing themselves poorly by showing off their down-home flavor of ignoramia is an unrequited and socially worthless bigot. They - WE - are dangerous; no doubt about it. Such is life, and it takes a little more effort than a reactionary lashing out to alleviate the damage such ignorance does cause.

Personally, I think the NC Gov'nor should've gone with pushover instead of pansy. He didn't because society demeans homosexual peops fairly casually, even though that's seriously not a very rational state of affairs. But look at society's priorities; at the death and carnage we allow our government to inflict upon other peops in order to merely protect our horrifically wasteful and destructive, and incredibly consumptive and unsustainable way of life, and go figure.

Then think of a more productive way of pointing out how the Gov's use of "pansy" as a pejorative might actually be tactless and impolitic.

Then again, ranting and raving is a rocking way to get shiite out of one's system. And nobody gets hurt if we just remember to lash out in safe venues, and especially to always try to fight subtle battles with subtlety, and the big ones with more intensity.

If we realize that, then we can care what others think about us when it's negative, without succumbing to our own self-doubts.

* I kind of doubt it, but have been unable to get confirmation as, well, ... meh! You figure it out. {-;

* I can't even check the site from work: Weighted Phrase Limit Exceeded says my work's Interwebs software. {sigh}



  1. Michael,
    You chewed that up and digested it very good. What is the next step?


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