Wish I Was Here . .

. .

fasm push 'em
lost an' roll
over the pole
I can't
but would I
could I
none of it
all, now,
run dry
"Pinklequickle", my ass...


  1. I would be a quivering, moaning thing curled up on the floor somewhere in that massive crowd, hands over my ears, being tripped over by everyone as I wished for the earth to open up and swallow me or the technology to flip open my communicator and say "Scotty ... beam me up RIGHT now, please, and run a hot bath for me?"

    I've never been able to endure big crowds or earsplitting music for more than a few minutes. But I have many friends who love such things, and I can only admire, even as it mystifies me, their good-natured fortitude.

  2. I love to get lost in the music and the flashing light haze of the show. To a large extent, the bigger the crowd the better, too. Tho' they can be too crowded; the point at which that happens is kinda fuzzy, and is fun to bump up against, 'specially without crossin' over.



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