No.. I don't think it does.

"The sentence 'Women want men who have power and money' works just as well if you erase the words 'men who have.'"

Which, as a Great Equivocator, I must be quick to add does not mean that it doesn't work for all women. I just think that, irrespective of their being every bit as unavoidably human as men, most women are at least smarter enough ;) to prefer that their man be the one to hold the Wealth and Power, whilst they access it via the holding of their man.

A biologically originated situation which is culturally well cemented for a majority of majorities.

Is this a sexist analysis on my part? Well, considering that the two sexes, though each definitionally of the same species, and each inescapably possessed of both our greatest virtues and weakest faults, are spectacularly and irresolvably different from each other, I don't believe it can be helped. IMO, such knowledge just needs to be utilized in a manner which benefits each half of our single, though constantly evolving, species.


  1. Careful, Michael. You're coming awfully close to the Third Rail...

  2. Heheheh... he sure is, Larry.

    Michael, what you say is without doubt a truism in our society and culture. And for the most part, being different as we men and women are works nicely... except when She can't "hold on" to He, and loses access to his wealth, power, and physical and financial help with Their kids.

    If there aren't any kids, then often she's just left with a lot of nothing, having no wealth or power of her own.

    Except for that, it would be a wonderful ol' world.

  3. Heheh.. Always have, Larry.

    And you know it, Wren.

    Life is one twisted gift.


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