Oh! Ye of Too Much Faith

Whilst there are surely those who practice an atheistic philosophy, adherence, whatchamacallit thingy, (I know that I used to be fairly evangelical in my own atheism) most of the folks whom I've met or have really related to online, tend to just not believe in gods and such.

Just sayin'.


  1. There's nothing to practice!! How can you practice NOT doing something? Unless it's something you are compelled to do and want to break the habit... not applicable here (unless it's the tendency to holler "oh my god" and then wonder why I still say that)

  2. lol!

    Oh. My. Gawd!

    {voce Erkle: Did I say thaaat?)

  3. Reminds me of The JohnnyB walking around Utah wearing his favorite Pastafarian T-shirt... So many Mormons to upset, so little time, eh?

  4. He touched his knee.
    Or he wants to.

  5. Philosophically speaking, uh huh.



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