Don't Meditate, Medicate!

My bro emailed that to me and it had me LOL. Thing is, I always wanna try and find the source, but a google search on Sarcasma appears to have just turned up others using it w/o a ref. Who knows, though, maybe the source was in there but .. whatevs... They don't sign 'em, I won't 'em.

{sigh} C'est la vie, eh.

(BTW: The bleeding from me eyeballs is well worth the resulting dearth of bloodied, headless co-workers!)


Addendum: Thanks to Nava for the link to the originating site. Funny stuff o'er yonder!


  1. As is the drooling.

    I so need these capsules...

    By the way, I actually found the website:


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