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Foreign Policy Anxiety Indicator

It's been more than 15 years since Bill Clinton's campaign advisors confidently declared "it's the economy, stupid," to sum up the public's mood of the moment. For the past few years, foreign policy and the war in Iraq in particular have been at the forefront of public concern. But the economy is reasserting itself as a priority�and economic concerns are shaping how the public views foreign policy.

The most dramatic example of this is the public's worry about the cost of energy. Fully 7 in 10 say they worry "a lot" about the rise in the cost of energy, a 16-point jump from six months ago. But for the public, economics and security are tied together on this issue. Becoming less dependent on other countries for our supply of energy is now the public's first choice as a national security strategy, with 6 in 10 saying it would do "a great deal" to make the country more secure.

[Getting it Right without guns. What a concept!]

Normally, what the Pollsters show the Public is thinking doesn't mean a whole lot in regards to what Policies are needed. Sure I love seeing $hrub's approval numbers being the worst of any President's since polling began, but that's because it gives me hope that the Public will force their Representatives to do something about it.

{sighhh} Well, anyway...

Whether for good or ill, well, we'll be to see.

Note: Hmmm... I'd referenced the Consumer Confidence index, but realized that I had it confused with another system, so pulled it. Fun stuff... Need vacation...



  1. It's funny you posted this because I have been saying Bill Clinton's old phrase a lot lately. I am glad to know others think about it too!

  2. Yup He!He!He! long time but when here did a lot of reading as always good posting. :)
    "I may not have been the greatest president, but I've had the most fun eight years." –Bill Clinton.
    Wishing you well

  3. Not to brag or anything, but I was concerned about the cost of energy and the sources of our energy, along with the crazy housing bubble, several years ago. I kept wondering why I didn't see or hear or read more about others who also worried. I figured they HAD to be out there, somewhere, right? And I wondered why the general populace didn't seem more concerned about this.

    Well, now they are. We all are. It's the economy, stupid, still. And it always will be. Better late than never, I guess.

  4. Floating - not quite belly up - in the aquarium, AG.

    Hi there, Zing. Glad to see ya still bloggin' on.

    "Better late than never" all depends, eh Wren. Still and so, right you are.

    Uhg... Gots to get over this pessimism...

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